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“One of the greatest systems ever put together to control human life, human mindset and human behavior, unfortunately this remarkable system, ingeniously put together was created for adverse (Wrong) purposes, the denial of human rights which violates the very essence of the founding principals for which a New Nation of America stands for: Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equality and Peace.”


The New York Herald, a fervent defender of slavery and a bitter opponent of women’s rights editorialized: “America is a young country with an old mentality.”

How did women become the subject to man, as she is now all over the world, by her nature, just as the Negro is and always will be, to the end of time, inferior to the white race.”

John C. Calhoun Speech in the U.S. Senate (August 1849)

“With us the two great divisions of society are not the rich and the poor, but white and black, and all the former, the poor as well as the rich, belong to the upper class, and are respected and treated as equals, if honest and industrious, and hence have a position and pride of character of which neither poverty nor misfortune can deprive them.”

That type of white superiority (gender /white women/ inferiority) color (people of color/ inferiority) prejudiced thinking and acting, to control the human mind and to control the human behavior. An evil misguided way of life system, which we are daily living under, must be eliminated, disassembled, and destroyed if we are to survive the nuclear age.

“In too many of our duties, the PEACE is not secure because FREEDOM is incomplete.” President John F. Kennedy


“It makes no sense in an age where a single nuclear weapon contains almost ten times the explosive force delivered by all the Allied air forces in the second world war. It makes no sense in an age when the deadly poisons produced by a nuclear exchange would be carried by wind and water and soil and seed to the far corners of the globe and to generations yet unborn." President John F. Kennedy

In the scheme of citizenship of our country for years following the close of the Civil War, the Negro had no part; the white woman had no part, and they had no part because they were looked upon as inferior.

In the scheme of citizenship of our country for years following the close of the Civil War, the Negro had no part; the white woman had no part, and they had no part because they were looked upon as inferior.

“Subordination to the superior race is declared to be their natural and moral condition. Their inferiority was asserted to be a great physical, philosophical and moral truth.”

This is exactly the Southern view today, and it is exactly the program to which it is committed. Its whole attitude today is in harmony with the great principle upon which the Southern Confederacy was founded - the non-recognition of the white woman and the non- recognition of people of color, as an equal in any respect - socially, civilly, politically.

John C. Calhoun on equality “I would rather meet any extremity upon earth than give up one inch of our equality, one inch of what belongs to us as members of this republic! What! Acknowledged inferiority! The surrender of life is nothing to sinking down into acknowledged inferiority!” (White woman and people of color)

To illustrate, demonstrate, and reveal this evil misguided way of life system in action, the American people were blessed with the opportunity to bear witness to this formidable, organized, opposition system via television, cell phone, radio and social media live and in living color.

THE CASE: Hillary Rodham Clinton: former First Lady, honorable wife of former President William Jefferson Clinton, former Secretary of State in President Barack Obama's administration, distinguished public servant of the American people, and is now currently campaigning for presidency of the United States, to become its first woman president. A WHITE WOMAN, who our misguided white supremacy way of life system, which considers the white woman inferior and property. In that clime Mrs. Clinton is brought before the court of public opinion by the Far Right Conservative Republican Party, in another so-called investigation of the Benghazi incident. The system “states” the public needs to know her actions and behavior, while Secretary of State, during, before and after this horrible event.

Rival presidential candidate Bernie Sanders declared: “Enough ... enough of this Benghazi incident, the people are tired of hearing about it... I am tired of hearing about Benghazi this? Benghazi that! Let’s debate our positions to the people.”

We the people (the American people) were witness to the system’s hard-lined questioning attack on our former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a (no-holds barred, by any means necessary, form of questioning. persecution, prosecution, and public condemnation of a white woman, and a distinguished public servant, under the justification of the importance of security, safety, and accountability of our leaders, in regards to the protection of our American Representatives abroad.

Asserting an all out effort of negative hardliners… To ascertain the approbation of the public sentiment to blame or condemn, any act or circumstance, which unfavorably, would appear to make her actions questionable, incapable and unworthy, as a candidate for the office of president.

However, the system failed!.. And Fail It did! They totally underestimated Mrs. Hillary Clinton's resolve. She refreshingly presented herself magnificently, answering all their incendiary questions forthrightly with candor, honesty, believability, and truthfulness. Also, the evil MISGUIDED WAY OF LIFE SYSTEM underestimated the American people’s capacity to evaluate and discern what they were watching… a far right conservative Republican witch hunt!!!

Thank God for the American People…

Hilary Clinton is now back on the American journey, campaigning to become the first woman President of The United States.

However, we must be ever vigilant and acutely aware, that this “white supremacy and control” evil misguided way of life system, is always at work, monitoring, misleading and distorting the truth daily in every way to suit its purpose. All compromises with the white supremacy and control system be they compromises with the gender barrier (white woman) or be they compromises with the color barrier (people of color) are covenants with death according to “The kiss of death mentally,” described in The New York Times as reported during the Cantor vs. Brat primary election in Virginia 2014.

In this nuclear age, The New Face of NUCLEAR War dictates for our human survival we must remove this evil MISGUIDED WAY OF LIFE SYSTEM type of thinking and practicing which consist of white superiority, gender inferiority, color inferiority, hatred, discrimination, divineness, pride and privilege, bigotry, bias and prejudice. Humanity absolutely cries out for a better america; This evil system MUST BE ELIMINATED.

All Americans, white people and non-white people must ally with each other and come to grips with the full realization and the unclouded understanding the white supremacy and control system has no rightful existence ANYWHERE.

“Man made laws are derived from his chosen belief system.” Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy

Every candidate campaigning for president, we the people, the American people must unequivocally insist and demand that they will commit to eliminating this system white supremacy and control, or we will NOT VOTE FOR THEM.

Thus far, only one of the presidential candidates has made the American commitment to delivering America back to the people void of obligations to lobbyists or special interest groups.

“A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various and powerful interests, combined into one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the banks.” John C. Calhoun

Donald J. Trump

Trump promised to “create a whole new system” and to “take the system apart.” That’s America…That’s delivering America back to the American people. That’s what America needs first and foremost: “A New Nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men and women are created equal.” Not giving lip service to that fact, but giving life service to that cause: “ONE NATION UNDER GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all America.”

Along with a new system that supports America’s founding principles: liberty, freedom, justice, and equality... for all Americans, every race, creed, color, sex, and religion. With that type of America we can then proceed to deal with any and all types of issues that will, or may confront us, with the amazing strength of unity, solidarity and togetherness.

And that's what America is all about.

“Now is the time for the nation to fulfill its promise.” President John F. Kennedy

God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Barack Obama

God Bless our Military, the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

Only in America

Don King

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