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A Tribute to a Real American

I love Jim Dolan, he is a wonderful man. A man who lives by his conception of what's right or wrong and makes his decisions accordingly, not by the ‘misguided way of life system’ of white supremacy and control that makes wrong right and right wrong.

His genius, wisdom and understanding of people and the decisive manner in which he makes his business decisions are very often, misconceived, misinterpreted, and misunderstood by his peers. His brilliant business genius, wisdom, and understanding of people are a great gift from God.

He loves music, he's got soul, Michael Jackson says, “Music is the ribbon that ties humanity together.” Jim Dolan exemplifies that quote.

His decisive manner in making business judgments, is very often misunderstood by the press, so they in their incredulity of it being a the right decision to follow, the, ‘misguided way of life system’ of making right wrong and wrong thinking enters their mind and then they calumniate him rather than applaud him. I would like to pay tribute to a great American hero, Jim Dolan, a man of honor, integrity, and performance who believes in the principles of America.

Jim Dolan, the CEO of Madison Square Garden, sports, entertainment and business complex, is a man of his word, he says what he means any means what he says. Being such a man and practicing his color-blinded approach of providing equal opportunity in the workplace along with, extending human understanding in the journey of life is simply wonderful.

“You are only worth what you say and mean, man or woman, without a will be tolerated but, never trusted.” -Don King-

In providing such opportunities they are to be judged by their intellectual capability, physical ability and all-around competence. Not based on the system’s gender and color prejudice. Therefore your fair-mindedness and loyalty should be exalted and extolled, rather than vituperated and condemned as the press unfortunately, occasionally does.

However, God has blessed him with an uncanny power of judgment, and unsurpassed visionary capabilities, to foresee and foretell which enables him to continue to be successful…Snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat at every juncture.

Again, Jim Dolan is a wonderful man. He is a talented musician with “soul.” He has a remarkable band, JD & The Straight Shot, which gives us beautiful music with the sound of independence encapsulated with rhythm and freedom. They create music that kisses the heart and stirs the body, rare, unique and wonderfully soulful. He finds peace and solace in his music. I applaud his manhood with great admiration and respect. To stand up for what he believes is right for a better America, in spite of the systems poison darts and arrows shot at him.

Jim Dolan is not a stranger to history making events that transcend the sport of boxing, i.e., Tito Trinidad vs. Roy Jones, Jr. in “Bring on the Titans.” His civil rights programs are unequaled – providing people of color the opportunity to become president of Madison Square Garden – providing people of color the opportunity to become the head coach of the New York Knicks. President, head coach, titles of inclusiveness, titles that our misguided way of life system would never contemplate. He has a deep abiding faith and loyalty to God and his fellow human beings. Recognizing, realizing and appreciating the fact that loyalty is the highest level of humanity.

We, the American people, must aid, help and support this great American Jim Dolan, to hold fast to the principles of liberty, justice, and quality that this great nation was founded upon; to work with him to make a better America.


We are all Clevelander's – Jim Dolan is the son of Charles and Helen Dolan. I love Charles Dolan, my great friend for life…Charles’ brother, Lawrence Dolan owns the Cleveland Indians. I love the Dolans.

The Dolan family is very dear to me and as the Sister Sledge song goes, “We Are Family-- Chuck Dolan, Helen Dolan, Jim Dolan and me.”

Congratulations on your the remodeling of Madison Square Garden, Jim. Yet another winner for you those naysayers had prophesied to be a looser. God is with you, keep the faith and keep on keeping on.

Only in America

Don King


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