Honoring José Sulaimán Chagnón in Mexico

Mexico City—Iconic boxing promoter Don King and late World Boxing Council (WBC) president José Sulaimán Chagnón were inseparable in the sport for more than three decades, so it was only appropriate that King would be here to honor his friend at the grand opening of the Jose Sulaiman Chagnon gymnasium installed the Otomi Ceremonial Center on Monday Feb.9.

“To see them pay homage to him in a new building that carries his spirit into immortality is just a heart felt thanks. It’s a magnanimous situation for me and I’m delighted that they are remembering him because he contributed so much to the sport, but more importantly to the people and what the people stand for. He was a true Mexican and he was a guy that I could rely and he could rely on me, it was reciprocal in the two of us in that were like a tree planted by the river and we weren’t going to be moved,” said King.

Jose Sulaimán, a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, was president of the WBC for almost forty years before he died in 2014 at the age of 82.

He served as president of boxing’s most respected governing body in the sport and is widely credited with greatly expanding the WBC's global reach to now include 161 affiliated nations.

His son Mauricio Sulaiman never prepared for the day his father would die and although he succeeded his father as WBC president, it was never the plan.