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Help Save America-Help Save the World


`The Nuclear Age demands total equality for women and full first class citizenship, as perfect human beings

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise!!!

Women must have equality to make America work…for America to survive in this nuclear age and to live in peace.

“I have, therefore, chosen this time and place to discuss a topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth too rarely perceived. And that is the most important topic on earth: peace.” President John F. Kennedy

How can we (America) achieve peace in the nuclear age when we live under an evil misguided way of life system of white supremacy and control? A system that considers the white woman and the people of color inferior and owned property!!!

“I will create a whole new system and I will tear this system apart.” Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump is not polarizing the system, but exposing the reality of the systems’ gender barrier (the white woman) sexism and racism (color barrier) which is detrimental to America.

“I want to make America great again.” Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump

The sexism and gender barrier (the white woman) inferiority and being considered as owned property is being brought out to the public, brought out to the medicinal qualities of the air to be treated by public discussion and debate. Opening the eyes of America to the cruel oppressive, prejudice, degradation that women have to suffer.

The abominable treatment that white women have lived with under this evil ingenious misguided way of life system in which they have been duped into complying with, an egregious system that had heretofore been glossed over and covered up by lies, distorted truths, deceitful language manipulations and out right tricks, to avoid any discussions of the white woman’s plight in a new nation conceived in Liberty and Equality.

Yet, a system that still considers the white woman as inferior and owned property, this example illustrated the power and control of the evil misguided system therein avoiding any discussions and debates about the grievances of the white woman’s enslavement. Such discussions, if any, became a sort of hidden agenda overshadowed by the system’s persecution of the people of color’s blatant and flagrant killings, intimidation and fear, raping, lynching and maliciously exploiting them without consequences.

The horrible treatment of blackness blinded the nation to the cover-up of the despicable, abominable, degrading, inhumane treatment of the white woman as an inferior article of merchandise and owned property.

Now, the evil misguided way of life system of white supremacy and control is being exposed for what it really is and what it has been for over four centuries (400 years). A hate filled agenda of divisiveness, bigotry, discrimination by class and color, superiority – inferiority against the white woman and people of color, for white superior male vested interests.

Ernestine Rose was born in a Jewish community in Poland and made a dramatic speech regarding Women’s Rights in 1851, at the Second National Convention for Women’s Rights.

Excerpt: “From the cradle to the grave (woman) is subject to the power and control of man. Father, guardian, or husband, one conveys her like some piece of merchandise over to the other.”

“At marriage she loses her entire identity, and her being is said to have become merged in her husband. Has nature thus merged it? Has she ceased to exist and feel pleasure and pain?...What an inconsistency that from the moment she enters the compact in which she assumes the high responsibility of wife and mother, she ceases legally to exist and becomes a purely submissive being. Blind submission in women is considered a virtue, while submission to wrong is itself wrong, and resistance to wrong is virtue alike in women as in man.”

“But it will be said that the husband provides for the wife, or in other words, he feeds, clothes and shelters her! I wish I had the power to make every one before me fully realize the degradation contained in that idea. Yes! He keeps her, and so he does a favorite horse; by law they are both considered his property. Both may, when the cruelty of the owner compels them to run away, be brought back by the strong arm of the law and according to a still extant law in England, both may be led by the halter to the market place and sold. This is humiliating indeed but nevertheless true, and the sooner these things are known and understood, the better for humanity. It is no fancy sketch. I know that some endeavor to throw the mantle of romance over the subject and treat woman like some ideal existence, not liable to the ills of life. Let those deal in fancy who have nothing better to deal in; we have to do with sober, sad realities, with stubborn facts....Man forgets that woman can not be degraded without its reacting on himself. The impress of her mind is stamped on him by nature and the early education of the mother, which no after-training can entirely efface; and therefore, the estimation she is held in falls back with double force upon him. Yet, from the force of prejudice against her, he knows it not.”

“Not long ago, I saw an account of two offenders, brought before a Justice of New York. One was charged with stealing a pair of boots, for which offense he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment; the other crime was assault and battery upon his wife; he was let off with a reprimand by the judge! With my principles, I am entirely opposed to punishment, and hold that to reform the erring and remove the causes of evil is much more efficient, as well as just, than to punish, But the judge showed us the comparative value which he set on these two kinds of property. But then you must remember that the boots were taken by a stranger, while the wife was insulted by her legal owner!..”

What an impactful narrative…and what a very clear and distinct description of the evil misguided way of life system of white supremacy and control that we live under and by which we are governed.

“I will create a whole new system and I will tear this system apart.” Donald J. Trump

While all the presidential candidates agree that the system is corrupt and that it is suffering with TERMINAL CANCER, thus far, only two of the presidential candidates have clearly committed to the system’s elimination: Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. Trump committed to create a whole new system; Trump’s campaign is self financed and he owes no obligation to the lobbyists, Super PACS and special interest groups. His obligation is to the American people only. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is people financed. He has no obligation or indebtedness to the lobbyists, Super PACS, Wall Street or special interest groups. He is obligated only to the American people.

Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, for a whole new system!!!

While all the candidates are clamoring for change…the American people want a new system and all the rest of the presidential candidates must commit to giving us a whole new system, just as Donald J. Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders have done.

“I will create a whole new system and I will tear this system apart.” Donald J. Trump

We the people, the American people, must come to grips with the fact that our evil misguided way of life system, has the uncanny ability to make wrong right and right wrong. With the miraculous talent to reinvent itself, adjust to the new situation at hand, then superbly rebrand itself and convincingly persuade the people to accept and believe its desired purpose.

The American women must speak out!!!

The American women must unite!!! Disavow!!! This system and claim their just God given rights for a better America!!!

Now is the Time !!!

The American women must lead the revolution for Women’s Equality…A perfect human being. The American women must speak out that they will no longer be denied their God-Given unalienable rights….Anything else is totally Unacceptable!!!

How can anybody in America deny that we are currently living under a corrupt white supremacy and control way of life system – and being governed by that same corrupt white supremacy and control way of life system which considers the white woman as inferior and owned property and the people of color as inferior and owned property?

“I will create a whole new system and I will tear this system apart.” Donald J. Trump

“I Will Make America Great Again”

Thank you Donald J. Trump for wittingly or unwittingly bringing out the hidden agenda of surreptitious closet conversations for public discussion, public review and public debate of evil hateful divineness and bigotry, prejudice and discrimination, racism, sexism, gender barrier, color barrier and all of these subversive interest that continue to plague our country and divide the great people of America.

Whether or not you become president, you have done a great service to America by stirring up public debate and by bringing to the forefront for public review, these surreptitious hidden agendas that give us a magnanimous opportunity to correct these diabolical sinister evils wrongs that plague our country and divide our great people. Again, Thank You Donald for your great contributions to help us make America one land, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!!!

By giving us the opportunity to help America fulfill its promise… one land under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.

In so doing if we can achieve harmony and peace in America it enables us to help achieve harmony and peace in the world.

I join our late, great, visionary President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his profound nuclear strategy for peace and his profound fundamental analysis for saving life and humanity rather than by killing mankind, life and humanity.

Now is the time for this nation to fulfill its promise!!!

Now is the time for women to have total equality!!!

Now is the time for women and men to work together in the leadership capacities, on an equal basis, to prevent nuclear war and establish PEACE and HARMONY in America!!!

William Cullen Bryant said, “Truth, crushed to the earth, shall rise again.”

Thomas Carlyle said, “No lie can live forever.”

“I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, but I can tell you what they will use in the Fourth – ROCKS.” Albert Einstein, in an interview with Alfred Werner for Liberal Judaism (1949)

Working Together Works!!!

God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Barack Obama

God Bless our Military, men and women the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

God Bless the Fallen but not Forgotten Heroes

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”