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Only In America Does THIS Happen…


Indefatigable Advocate for Peace and Women’s Rights Don King joined Michelle Patterson, President of the Global Women Foundation, in celebration of International Women’s Day in Irvine, CA on March 10. King, who is also the publisher of the Call & Post Newspaper is a staunch supports for equal rights for women.

Did you know that since 2014 state legislation have introduced 468 restrictions on women’s bodies and ZERO on men’s.

Don’t YOU think it’s time for a change?

Women’s rights isn’t just something that affects women. In fact many men are very, very , VERY passionate about this issue.

Just look at Don King, one of the most iconic event promoters in the history and who coined one of the MOST memorable phrases of ALL time “ONLY IN AMERICA”.

Don King is HUGE supporter of Equal Rights Amendments (ERA) and strongly believes that woman’s equal rights for woman shouldn’t be a FIGHT – it should be a RIGHT .

When asked why Don King supports Women Network he responded “Women’s rights are life’s rights. Historically women have been in a position of subjugation and they have never been free with their rights.”

Just think about it…..

  • Don’t we all suffer the same cold?

  • Don’t we all breathe the same air?

  • Don’t we all feel the same sun against our skin?

YES. Yet when we want to do something with our OWN bodies. We STILL aren’t allowed to and need to get a man’s permission ….

Don’t you think it’s time to change this?

Check out this replay and see how YOU can be a part of NOT just a Woman movement – let us make this a PEOPLE movement.


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