Save America--Save The World


God sent the lightening as an instrument of fear to the masses and anticipation of hope to those who wanted rain.

Now in the principles of Liberty, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Equality, white women fought hard for the right to vote against an ingenious, remarkably crafted system of white male supremacy and control which used every trick in the book, all sorts of prejudices, lies, discrimination, bigotry and divisiveness, devious methods to deny women their right to vote. The battle fought was furious and enduring and excruciatingly painful, but the women persevered, prevailed and won the fight for the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Continually fighting against an evil misguided way of life system that considered the white woman inferior and owned property and considers black women inferior and owned property. Now women with that most important right – THE VOTE – you must use the ballot against a relentless system that has been against white women and non-white women (women of color). You must use your vote and continue to fight against the misguided way of life system – that considers both white women and people of color inferior and owned property. Never forget, the system that denied you the right to vote, still denies you the right of EQUALITY, fight (vote) against this system. Remember your ABC’s:

A. White women and women of color must unite, be ever vigilant and mentally alert to prevent the evil misguided way of life system from seducing and brainwashing you into misguided emotionalism. Where you fight (vote) against your own self-interest by legerdemain… stay strong, stay single minded in pursuit of your goal: full equality…perfect human being. Fight (vote) against the system to ascertain your God-Given rights…literally your human existence!!!

B.Never forget and always keep in mind that the system considers you inferior and owned property. Never underestimate the systems’ remarkable talent to reinvent itself instantly, then rebrand itself to meet any problem situation at first hand, without accepting any blame…Blameless!!! Fight (vote) against the systems multifaceted illusions, guises, disguises, facades and master trickery.

C. Always remember and never forget that you are a whole human being, the “Mother of Humanity,” a perfect person, fighting (voting) against a system that fails to recognize you…denies you your God-given unalienable rights, life, liberty, choice, equality and peace in your pursuit of happiness. A system that makes wrong right and right wrong must be eliminated without compromise!!!

The 2016 Presidential Race to the White House

The current debate and discussions taking place in our Presidential race for the White House truly exemplifies the corrupt system at work, switching the fight from women’s pursuit of liberty and equality – what the country’s needs are…what the candidates have to propose in that regard, has turned into “Family Feud.” Trump vs. Cruz, Trump vs. Women, playing right into the corrupt systems hand…remarkably demonstrating its corrupt power and control and its miraculous ability to shift your mindset from your ultimate goal to a fool hardy conversation undermining the power of your direct argument for pursuit of freedom, liberty and equality, sadly to say with your consent to own demise in taking away the power of your unified efforts for freedom, liberty and equality by deviously dividing them by deception and trickeration.

To paraphrase President John F. Kennedy: truly, as it was written long ago, the wicked flee when no man pursueth.

Yet, it is sad to hear and to read these women’s comments on Donald J. Trump. They are failing to realize that Donald J. Trump is fighting against the same system on their behalf, a system that denies them their liberty and equality. They fail to realize the extent of the gulf between women and a system which considers women inferior and owned property. But it is also a warning—a warning to the American women not to fall into the same traps as they did before by giving up their womanhood under the false promises and distorted truths, not to see only a distorted, desperate and despicable view of Donald J. Trump without seeing the noble side of Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump is on the women’s side, fighting against the corrupt system. For women not to see the corrupt system stirring up misguided emotionalism, misleading and instigating conflict through its ‘Stop Trump Super PAC’ as a demonstration of an inevitable accommodation to the systems continual denial of women’s rights.

This is frightening and very disheartening!!!