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Where is Tierra Bryant? One year later teen is still missing

Freddie Bryant, the 43-year old father of Tierra Bryant is still hoping and praying that his daughter will call her family and soon come home.

Mr. Bryant and the teenage girl’s mother are living a parents worst nightmare.

On March 30, 2015, their nineteen-year-old daughter was out with a male friend and did not return home.

A missing person’s report was filed with Middleburgh police the following day, and since the search for Tierra’s whereabouts has continued with the FBI and State Troopers without results.

“My daughter is like Tupac, Elvis and Big Foot, people say they have seen her, but there is nothing solid to confirm any of that,” said Bryant in an exclusive interview with the Call & Post.

He says that the investigating law enforcement organizations are all doing everything they can, and much of the investigation is being kept confidential.

“They are not letting us know too much, but things are being done to get to the bottom of this,” the father explained.

During the time of her disappearance Tierra was taking online college classes and working at Wendy’s on the Westside of Cleveland.

The last person that she was known to be with was an older man who was interviewed by police and released and is expected to be residing somewhere in California, according to the father.

“They really couldn’t hold him and tell him that he couldn’t go anywhere because at the time it was still a missing person report,” Mr. Bryant added. However he indicated the information that the man did provide to the police did not add up.

In what was described by her family and friends as uncharacteristic, Tierra has not been seen or heard from since, did not report to work and her cell phone has been disconnected since the day she went missing.

Tierra’s birthday is April 13 and the father indicated that no events or celebrations are being planned because it would indicate she might not be alive.

“I can’t celebrate this as an anniversary because that’s kind of like giving up on her. She would never stay away from her family this long. She has a lot of support for her to reach out to if she was in some type of situation, that is what really makes this hard.”

“It make me as a father and a human seem like it could be the worst, but I understand in this day and age of human trafficking where they feed you with all type of drugs to keep your mind off of it and that what I feel maybe at stake right now. But we have no signs or anything to say what it is.”

According to a letter received by the Call & Post, the last visible location of the teen occurred more than a year ago she was near Engle Rd and Bagley Rd. in Middleburg Hts, Ohio.

She was reportedly in the company of a man much older than her, whom the family has since learned from police, has a very violent past.

The promising teen was considered responsible and was living with a roommate on Cleveland’s West side, who is being interviewed by police. The roommate was suspected of being responsible for meeting with Tierra and picking her up that day, but did not.

According to the family, police have searched the area of her last known whereabouts, but have been unsuccessful in locating her.

The family is pleading with he community for your donations to help with the cost associated with trying to locate and bring attention to her case, which also includes, but is not limited to digital billboard ads, flyers, search teams, as well as, to offer reward money for anyone who can give any information that would lead to her being returned to us safely.

“We are very fortunate to have family and friends who are actively sharing her pictures on social media and getting the word out. The local news media has also provided coverage to help raise awareness about Tierra,” a family statement says.

Several other local television station and media outlets have been instrumental in supporting their cause.

Tierra is a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece and friend at home and in her community and her family is praying she returns to their loving arms immediately.

“We are very grateful for your prayers, donations and support. Please help me bring my baby home.” -Tameka Carr & Family.


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