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Mental Health and recovery: Have you done you mental health assessment lately?

Oddly enough people tend to focus on everything but them and their personal wellbeing, when it comes to the minority population that number escalates. Mental health has always been looked upon with a negative connotation, within the ethnic population. The term mental health brings with it a certain amount of fear of the unknown. It was taught that this was a topic not to be spoken of outside the home.

People of color it is time to come out of the darkness to take a stance and a vested interest in you. Mental wellness consists of many components beginning with your attitude. Attitude is the melting pot for general overall wellness. Think it to believe it, believe to achieve it. If we display, and exude positivity into the universe we can manifest positive results.

Positive support mechanism is important to the mental stability and well-being of the individual. Positive people reinforce positive thinking; therefore positive outlook will become just a way of life.

It is a fact that some day’s rain must fall, but how you interpret the rain can change one’s perception. Rain causes nourishment which in turn stimulates growth. Our minds can be the sponge that constantly cleans negativity, depression, and anxiety that can endanger our mental wellness.

Asking for help cannot be looked upon as a weakness but an asset. Ask about what you can’t change nor understand. Remember no question is a dumb question. Put yourself first; validate yourself by making yourself your number one priority.

Only you can make you happy, while you live-Love, While you breath- Sing, while you walk –Dance.

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