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Woman abducted from Oakwood found  alive, her ex-boyfriend shot in Erie Pa.

“I’m OK, I’m just happy to be alive,” were the words from Brandi Shakir, the abducted victim who was found alive in Erie, Pa. Tuesday morning. Her alleged abductor was shot twice, once in the leg and once in the abdomen, by the homeowner of a house he was attempting to break into on Crescent Street in Erie.

Shakir, 23, was in stable condition at an Erie hospital at press time.

Shakir was allegedly abducted from her mother’s home in Oakwood Village by her ex-boyfriend of three years Kyle Johnson, 25 of Cleveland, Monday morning. Johnson allegedly broke into the residence while Shakir was sleeping, set a fire as a distraction and abducted Shakir. A neighbor witnessed Johnson acting bazar – kicking the trash and recycle cans before leaving the residence. The neighbor jotted down the license plate of the black Acura Johnson was driving and called police. She had been staying with her mother following a domestic incident last Wednesday outside her Loganberry Ridge Apartments complex in Richmond Heights where Johnson allegedly assaulted her in the parking lot.

“She was supposed to go with me to the Girls Night Out special screening of ‘Barber Shop 3’ last [Wednesday],” said Debbie-Anne Hyatt. Hyatt is the mother of Shakir’s current boyfriend, Devin Hyatt, 24 of Cleveland Heights. “As I was on my way to pick her up, I got word from her mom (Monica Shakir) via text that she would not be able to make it because she was in the hospital. I spoke to my son, who was hysterical saying that her ex-boyfriend had beat her up in the parking lot of her apartment.”

According to Hyatt, Johnson had issues letting Shakir go and had a track record of following her around. She used the term “stalker tendencies.” For the Hyatt’s, the reality of Johnson’s ways set in one Saturday when he followed Shakir and Devin to Hyatt’s workplace in Lyndhurst. “This was Devin’s first encounter with him,” Hyatt said. “He rolled up on them across the street at Boston Market catching Devin off guard.” This is where Shakir revealed that Johnson was her ex-boyfriend and she believed him to be stalking her. According to Hyatt, her son and Johnson exchanged words and Shakir then drove her son across the street to the salon she manages.

“Soon after they pulled up, he pulled up,” Hyatt said in reference to her encounter with Johnson. “My son started going off about [Johnson] following him to his mom’s job.” Hyatt said she then stepped in as the voice of reason before things went bad. When she questioned Johnson about his actions he replied, “this my woman; this my bitch.” Sensing that Johnson, in her mind, clearly had issues, Hyatt diffused the situation and sent Johnson on his way. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of Johnson or his antics.

Two months later, Hyatt claims that Johnson then showed up at her home twice where she lives with son Devin and his twin brother Dominic Hyatt. The first time a fight ensued between Devin and Johnson in Hyatt’s front yard. Johnson then came back a second time honking the horn of a red Ford Focus in her driveway. Hyatt wasn’t home, but received a phone call from a friend who happened to be riding by and saw close to 20 Cleveland Heights Police cars at Hyatt’s home. Hyatt arrived to find Johnson there with police and learned that he had come there harassing her son who in return assaulted Johnson before busting out the windshield of the Focus he was driving.

Hyatt, who claims Shakir basically lived at her home where she would spend weeks at a time, also recalled an incident back in January where Johnson rammed the back of Shakir’s car as she sat parked outside of the Sunny Spot restaurant and lounge in Cleveland Heights. Unbeknownst to Johnson, who reportedly rammed Shakir’s car repeatedly that night, an undercover ATF task force was sitting outside the bar and just so happened to see the incident go down. Johnson was arrested and later charged with drug possession. Shakir had to file a protective order against him.

According to Hyatt, Shakir dated Johnson for about three years, but broke up with him last February. Hyatt’s son met her last April and the two have been inseparable since.

Johnson took the break up very hard and he just could not get over Shakir according to Hyatt.

“He’d been hiding out,” Hyatt said of Johnson before his capture Tuesday. “He never went home since he beat her up last week. He was on the run for felonious assault.”

Her son got a call from Shakir’s cousin Monday notifying him that she had been abducted from her mom’s house. Hyatt called Monica Shakir for confirmation and was told that the information was correct.

Hyatt spent her off day Monday comforting her inconsolable son and couldn’t believe herself that this was happening. “This is really freaking happening?,” Hyatt said she kept telling herself. “It feels like we’re in a movie. I just don’t know how anyone would want to hurt such a kind respectable soul. She’s the nicest person in the world. A nice-spirited girl and it’s just sad that she had to go through this.”

This story is still developing. Follow the Call & Post for more details.


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