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All The Way with LBJ

I just couldn’t help my self with that headline. After watching the epic HBO film about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and President Lyndon B. Johnson (Alan Cranston), I had to steal the title for this piece.

That was a helluva starring role that Cranson played as LBJ (I’ve already watched it 15 times) and now the Cavs faithful needs for LBJ (LeBron James) to go All The Way and Win One for The Land in the NBA Finals which begin on Thursday June 2 in Oakland.

This is it! James has appeared in a record 6 consecutive NBA Finals, but he has only won two. The third one will be the real charm, especially after the Warriors required divine intervention to win the West 4-3 over the folding Thunder.

On the other hand, folk are mocking the Cavs three series opposition as if they weren’t really NBA teams.

Some contend it should not have taken the Cavs 6 games to thump Toronto, and the Cavs would probably agree.

However, here we are. The Finals rematch that just had to happen, for the sake of the NBA.

Any Finals with LeBron is a ratings boon for the network, but now that he has all of his men healthy again, this shapes up as one for the ages.

You know what two-time MVP Steph Curry will bring to the table and after that game 6 record shooting performance against OKC, Klay Thompson has proven to be equally lethal.

However it wasn’t either one of them that did the big number on the Cavs in last year Finals. It was the lack of Kyrie and Kevin, and the performance of veteran wingman Andre Iguodala who earned MVP honors over LeBron.

Not to mention Draymond Green, the heart and soul of the team.

The greatest thing about these two teams is that no one or two or three men will beat you…It will take an entire team.

That’s where I believe the Cavs are sitting pretty. Yeah, they got Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith, but nobody planned on them having Channing Fyre.

Fyre has been shooting the 3 at a better clip than any player in the post season, and clearly will be a match-up nightmare.

Then of course they also have Tyronn Lue, who sorry coach Blatt will not attempt to call a time out if he doesn’t have one. Lue, like Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows what its like to play for an NBA title and win one in this league.

It is Lue, who has been punching all of the right numbers at the right time and whose calming influence has turned what many considered to be a divided group under Blatt into the most cohesive unit in the league.

James has often said that when he left Cleveland to go to Miami it was necessary. He described it as going to college and coming home after graduation.

If he hadn’t did what he did at the time, the Cavs would not have been in position to draft Irving or the other picks that landed Love.

James’ happiness with this bunch is genuine, you can feel it. It’s a special trusted bond you have with a band of brothers, each will to compensate for the other when necessary. It is what is required to beat the best team in the world.

All of the stars have seemingly lined up for the Cavs this year. They are rested and ready to go All The Way with LBJ…


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