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Diallo’s restaurant opens in Buckeye area

They feature big bold foods, the freshest of ingredients and special French fries that help make Diallo’s Steakhouse & Seafood the biggest thing to hit the Buckeye area. Devoted to freshness, innovation and maximum value, the restaurant brings the great taste of steaks and other foods to the neighborhood.

Named after owner Clyde D. Carson – the middle initial stands for Diallo – the restaurant is located at 2871 East 116th Street (at Buckeye Road). The setting is idyllic – an oasis in the midst of a busy intersection – and you may instantly be delighted on entering. It was perfect; the decor was beautiful and provided a very intimate setting for any type of customer.

There is seating on both sides of the bar that sits in the center of the wide width restaurant with big screen televisions mounted for easy access. Walking in the door customers are greeted with a big smile and asked politely by the staff “How can I help you?”

Featured as a mainline dining restaurant and not just another soul food place, Diallo’s has set itself apart from the typical place to enjoy a great meal. The food is prepared by Chef John Mack who knows a thing or two about food.

Commuting from Florida to Cleveland a few years ago, Chef Mack brought some of his ideas with him. And he’s managed to keep Cleveland customers coming back for more. Everyone from common folk to councilmen and lawyers can be seen eating in Diallo’s almost every day.

The look and feel of the menu says far more. It is not hard to read, is very well priced for what you are getting, sounds good to the ears, looks good to the eyes and feels good in the belly. The extensive menu at this gourmet restaurant features some of the freshest seafood in the city. The selection is outstanding with more than enough selections.

Particularly in the current climate, restaurants have to make customers want to go there, whether for a quick lunch, dinner with friends or a special occasion meal. But what makes one better than the other? Do you follow the recommendations of food critics’ reviews or food guides?

This is one of Cleveland’s best on the East Side. They take pride in preparing the food. They’ve even named a burger after the main street they intersect with, the Buckeye Burger. It’s made up of two patties stacked high with cheese and other yummy ingredients. Known for the steak and seafood Diallo’s also has a banging breakfast with hot cakes as big as the plate. Of course this is a must taste delight.

These few dishes represent only a fraction of what makes Diallo’s such an extraordinary place to eat. Its vast array of global flavors is a seemingly endless reflection of its scenery. “We are proud to have this fine dining establishment in our neighborhood and I have enjoyed working with them since knowing they were coming to our area,” said John Hopkins, Executive Director of Buckeye Area Development Corporation.

If you’re hoping for a delicious meal, what you’re likely to find in your search is that you are within a stone’s throw of one of the best restaurants in the Buckeye area. Diallo’s is where you are sure to have an excellent dining experience.

Stop in this restaurant and have tasty, freshly cooked food by Chef Mack (no pre-prepared meals). Get value for your money in a relaxed atmosphere with a welcoming staff and friendly and knowledgeable service. Good restaurants deserve to be rewarded with support.


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