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Can Cavs rise from abyss?

After its most glorious run in the Eastern Conference, sweeping its way into the conference finals and then rolling into the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers came home in an 0-2 hole against the defending world champion Warriors.

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith has already wrote the Cavs off, saying they’d be fortunate to win one game and could possibly be swept if they lose game 3, declaring the team would just mail it in instead of fighting to go back to Oakland.

LeBron James for perhaps the first time in his storied NBA career appears to be clueless after the two most lopsided defeats in Final history.

Local media has accused head coach Tyronn Lue of being confused, a deer in headlights.

Just more than a week ago the Cavs were the sexy pick to win it all, but that was when everybody was anticipating home games against Oklahoma City.

Oh, how quickly does things change and boy do we have a short memory?

If there was ever a time for home court to mean something, and this post season it has mean everything, the Cavs are undefeated at home, the Law of the Land is essential now.

Where’s J.R.? Who fired Channing Frye? When did Delly go belly up?

How can this team, which is taller, be out rebounded on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court by the same Warriors team that was dominated on the board by OKC.

It’s all about heart folks.

The Warriors, playing with house money have bouncing from a 3-1 deficit in the West Finals, are dancing, flexing and embarrassing a team that is trying to win its first crown in history.

If I were to tell you that the Splash Brothers of Curry and Thompson would have scored 29 and 26 points in two games, you be real giddy about the Cavs prospects.

However, as I indicated previously, there would not be one obvious player, but multiple because these are the two best teams.

One showed up in Oakland and let’s hope the Cavs show up on June 8 and June 10 or it could be a long hot summer, even if the Northeast Ohio weather does not improve.


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