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Don King turns 85

Call & Post Publisher Don King, the renowned global international icon known around the world for staging many of the greatest professional boxing matches in the history of the sport, will celebrate his 85th birthday on August 20th.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operation of the 100- year old Call & Post, King also runs his Florida based boxing empire, Don King Productions.

The Cleveland native has been a devout advocate for world peace and women’s rights, passionately educating African Americans through his weekly ‘Help Save America-Help Save The World’ columns in the Call & Post.

He believes in women equality in American and throughout the world and it is a cause that is paramount for human survival in the nuclear age.

DK as he is called by many of his friends and associates, has clearly come a long way from his humble beginnings in Cleveland, but he is not the least bit slowed by aging.

Still every bit a sharp and witting as before, he recently returned home to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention where he was the center of attention, each day interviewing non-stop until the early morning.

However, this year has been difficult because he lost his most famous fighter Muhummad Ali who died at the age of 74 and more importantly he lost his last sibling, his doting sister Evelyn King who passed away at 87.

The father, grandfather and uncle keeps on keeping on. Logging frequent flyer miles like a globetrotter, whether its Mexico or domestic there isn’t any slowing down for the ‘Only in America’ man.

So, as he peels back another layer on what continues to be a remarkable journey, join with the rest of the world in serenading Don King with HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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