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National Job Corps Commencement Day

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio, third from left) delivered remarks to encourage graduates to continue building their careers, supporting their communities.

Washington, DC –The National Job Corps Association (NJCA) recently announced its National Job Corps Commencement Day (NCD) ceremonies. Now in its fifth year, local campus commencement day ceremonies are intended to promote, nationally, the growing success of Job Corps centers and highlight the innovative training and job skills attained by its students. Of the 125 Job Corps centers across the country, more than 75 percent held NCD ceremonies, producing more than 1,000 graduates ready to enter the job market or continue their educational advancement.

As a result of the program’s popularity and stellar achievement of the students, the NCD ceremonies attract a wide-range of speakers invited by local Job Corps leaders to provide motivation and inspiration for graduates. Former local and state elected officials, former graduates and members of Congress each year attend NCD ceremonies. This year, U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska were among some of the elected officials who delivered remarks.

“Job Corps invests in our young people, providing them with education and training to advance their careers or pursue further education,” said U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, (D-OH). “This critical program prepares students for the workforce, arming them with the specific skills employers are seeking and driving economic growth across the country. Job Corps graduates understand the importance of education and the dignity of hard work – a mindset that will serve them as they go on to become leaders in our communities.”

A unique national program, Job Corps offers underserved youth a set of diverse academic opportunities and career pathways tailored to meet the needs of business and industry. Each year, Job Corps gives more than 50,000 youth a second chance to complete their education and advance into careers, higher education or the military. Job Corps has served more than three million out-of-work young adults and underserved youth nationally. Many are high-school dropouts or public-assistance recipients, and Job Corps helps them become active contributors to their communities.

“Our NCD ceremonies are the most anticipated, exciting and inspiring events planned each year, said John Sparkman, NJCA Board Chair. “Watching our graduates, their families and community partners stand to their feet and applaud their hard work and dedication reminds us of Job Corps’ rich history and bright future. It’s why we’re here!”

“Having the support of partners like Senators Brown and Murkowski means a lot to our students, their families and their communities,” said Lonnie Taylor, President & CEO, National Job Corps Association. “We depend on congressional champions, local leaders and our corporate partners to help amplify our Job Corps’ goals and accomplish its mission. It is why Job Corps achieves an 88% placement rate in for our students”


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