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Former Browns Star Hill Campaigns for Hillary Clinton

On Sept. 6, former Cleveland Browns running back Calvin Hill joined Hillary Clinton volunteers and Ohio Democrats to campaign for Clinton in the Buckeye State.

Hill visited a local barber shop, before joining Clinton volunteers and Ohio Democrats to open a DNC HQ organizing office in Garfield Heights.

“When Hillary Clinton was fighting against segregation in schools, Donald Trump was turning away African Americans from his housing complexes. As a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has laid out a plan to tackle systemic racism, break down the barriers holding people back, and replace them with ladders of opportunity when she becomes President of the United States. On the other hand, Trump has continued to practice hate, and divisiveness on the campaign trail,” said Hill

The choice in this election is clear, and the stakes could not be any higher. I’m supporting Hillary Clinton because she has a plan to unite our country with a vision of an America that is stronger together. She will build bridges and not walls.

At the events, Hill discussed the many ways Clinton plans to unite our country with a vision for an America that is stronger together and reject Trump’s record of denying housing to African American tenants at properties in communities around the country, including in Cincinnati.

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