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Rudy Giuliani accepts CPPA endorsement for Trump

Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani spokes to the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association Tuesday, Oct. 4 as the CPPA and the Ohio FOP announced their endorsement for Donald Trump for President.

Giuliani was responsible in delivering Donald Trump's message on policing and other issues.

He said that Trump would uses issues such as Cleveland situation being under a federal consent decree over its use of force practices and procedures to make reforms.

“What would a President Trump to do to continue these types of reforms, or to approach this type of issue in general?

In Hillary Clinton's mind, police are guilty before they're presumed innocent. And the reason she does that is she's pandering for the black vote. And-African Americans I believe are going to step beyond the kind of pandering and lying and distortion the Democrat Party has given to them for 50 years. The cities in which African-Americans are being disadvantaged have been controlled by Democrats... and what has it brought them?

They've brought about a shooting every two hours in Chicago. They've brought about high unemployment among African-Americans, they've brought about the destruction of our school system. The African-American community needs a change, and it needs a president who can restore the ladder of success and not to dependency.

Donald Trump's view of the police is we support the police, we're behind the police 100 percent. Unless the police officer acts illegally. In which case the police officer should be prosecuted, as one is being prosecuted right now, to the fullest extent of the law. I prosecuted 70 police officers, and I was still probably the most pro-police mayor in the history of the city. But when they were wrong, I made examples of them so they wouldn't be that way. I was mayor for eight years, and we never had any consent decree by the Justice Department. We had stop and frisk for eight years, and it was never found to be unconstitutional.”

Ask if he though African Americans would break with tradition and vote for a Republican candidate, he said:

“But what we're saying to the African-American community, you've tried that for 40 or 50 years, reflexive support of the Democratic Party. And what has it gotten you? Unemployment rates in the African-American community are twice to three times the white community.

The schools you're provided in many of these communities, they stink, and they're terrible. And African-American young people are being killed in significant numbers, not mostly by the police, but mostly by other African-Americans. And it's only the police who can stop that.”

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