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Imani Temple turns 15

The Rev. Dr. Rodney S. Thomas will lead Imani Temple Ministries 15th Church Anniversary Celebration on Sunday Oct. 30th.

Rev. Thomas established Imani Temple in 2001and grew it into one of the most prominent and influential congregations in North East Ohio, on par with many mega churches.

Imani Temple has one of the best choirs led by Minister of Music Tina Farmer and the church has been one of the most consistent advocates in the community on substance abuse, child care, food bank donations, shelter programs and much more.

Rev. Thomas offers weekly bible study for adults and children, a dynamite youth choir and his ministry is inclusive of everyone, visitors as well.

Please share with us as we celebrate this milestone on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 4:00PM. Our Theme: "Fifteen Promises of Christian Living in Biblical Faith" Matthew 5:1-9.

Guest Speaker: Pastor John W. Ribbins III of

Calvary Hill Missionary Baptist Church

In Honor of Our Charter "55" Members, Imani Temple Ministries asks

that each member contribute $55.00 toward our Debt Reduction Fund and ask five friends do the same.

Formal reception to follow program

Imani Temple Ministries

2463 North Taylor Road

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

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