’16 is year to end drought in the LAND

The Cleveland Cavaliers celebrate winning the first major sports title for the city in more than 50 years while the Cleveland Indians also celebrate, while keeping their eye on the prize of bringing the World Series championship home too.

The baseball Cleveland Indians have had an up close and personal look of the Cavaliers NBA Finals trophy, it’s been all over Northeast Ohio, but they seemingly could not take their eyes off of it.

That beautiful shinny gold Tiffany cup with the basketball hovering above. That remarkable comeback from a 3-1 deficit to become the first team in Finals history to win the title that brought it here.

The first title in the history for the Cavs after 45 years and the first crown by a major sports team since the Browns more than five decades ago.

Watching LeBron James and the rest of his Cavs teammate bask in the glory of the historical parade celebration that transformed the image of the City of Cleveland known for its last second heartbreaks to a timeless moment of euphoria.

The Cavs did the improbably and what many thought was impossible. They beat the champ and became the champ.

In the backdrop of the champagne popping Cavs and their legion of fans from across the state of Ohio, was the Indians baseball team.

Quietly, but not under the baseball radar by any means as the team predicted to advance to the World Series and face the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are the prohibitive favorite to win it all, but their script has taken a detour in Los Angeles.

The Indians on the other had been expected to ride their young arms to a Central Division title and long playoff run.

And that they did for the most part, until two of the three went down to injury putting their playoff run in jeopardy.