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Clergy supports Issue 108


Members of Cleveland Clergy met last week at Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church to encourage support for a renewal levy on the upcoming ballot.

Issue 108 is a 15 mill operating issue and it will not raise taxes, according to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Led by Rev. E.T Caviness a bevy of faith leaders hosted a meeting that featured CMDS Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon and discuss upcoming plans for the district. Reverend Dr. Larry Macon, the pastor of Mt. Zion Church in Oakwood Village, and the President of United Pastors Mission of Greater Cleveland. Macon and others across the city have signed up to share their support of the levy to the community.

“We’ve come together to say that we’re supporting this marvelous issue, Issue 108, because we want to see Cleveland continue in the growth pattern she’s seen has experienced in the last six years. When you talk about what group of people or what institution collects the greatest number of people this week it happens to be the churches,” said Macon.

Issue 108 is the next step in CMSD CEO Eric Gordon’s plan to reform Cleveland schools.

If the levy passes, the district says it will be able to further improvements that include increasing technology in the classroom, recruiting and retaining teachers and principals, and preparing students for jobs and college. If the levy fails, the district says that it will be forced to cut $65 million annually from the budget. The cuts will include teachers, staff and programs.

“To utilize pastors and churches that are concerned about families and communities is a marvelous strategy, and we don’t have any offense against that type of a strategy. The most important members of our churches happen to be students of the Greater Cleveland Schools,” said Macon.

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