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Clinton hops aboard the Jay train to Cleveland

While Hillary Clinton awaits Barack Obama’s torch passing of the presidency, one thing she needs to secure in order to get it is the Black vote. So, after being defeated by Obama for the nod in ’08, she’s now studying moves from the president’s playbook and has asked to borrow his trump card. Nope, not the strategically carved chop stick he pulls out of his back pocket to cut The Donald down to size whenever he sees fit… We’re talking Jay-Z here! Jigga…Hov…You know…Beyoncé’s husband?

Of course you do. Even 69-year-old Clinton knows the power of Jay-Z and wishes for the great MC and cultural crossover phenom to waive his magic rap wand across Ohio converting non-believers into voters – translation, those poll-goers who are young and Black. A Clinton aide did confirm that there will be a Jay-Z concert next Friday, Nov. 4 and that it will be held right here in Cleveland.

Sound familiar? It’s reminiscent of the Obama ’08 and Obama ’12 campaigns. Jay-Z was used in a strategy to rock the vote in both election years… And it worked! If you think back eight years you’ll remember when word got out that the Jigga Man was coming to Cleveland and lines were formed for free tickets that extended from campaign offices all the way down the block. Four years ago the self-proclaimed best rapper alive teamed up with the GOAT Bruce Springsteen in Columbus the night before the Pres secured his second term. Jay-Z’s performance gave life to a voting anthem for Obama supporters changing the lyrics from his popular 2004 hit to say, “I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one,” aimed at then Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Well, the third time’s the charm and Jay-Z’s already proven to be Obama’s good luck charm so what will he do for Clinton? What catchphrase will be the twist to get this candidate over the hump? We’ll just have to wait and see. But if we know Jay-Z, he’s got something up his sleeve. Clinton aides expect the concert will draw thousands.

NBC’s latest Survey Monkey online poll show’s Clinton is ahead by six points in the national polls. And although the number of women and Latino voters is up, Clinton’s been struggling in the swing states and particularly Ohio, especially among Black voters still harboring ill feelings from her comments made in the 1990s supporting her husband’s crime bill.

But, it may be her sax player husband who’s taught her the power of music. In an effort to reinvent herself and appeal to younger voters, Clinton’s campaign has also recruited help from fellow Ohioan John Legend, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Cincinnati’s own The National is set to perform in the Queen’s City Nov.2 in support of Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi will make an appearance in Pittsburgh this week. Clinton’s done well at garnering a slew of celebrity supporters including our very own King James as well as Jay-Z’s counterpart Mrs. Carter aka Beyoncé. Despite all the bells and whistles, Trump insists victory is in reach.

Clinton, who just visited Cleveland this past Friday, has not confirmed attendance at the event. Visit your local Clinton campaign office for more information on tickets for this epic event.

CUTLINE: Jay-Z performs at the Last Chance for Change concert in an effort to elect Barack Obama in 2008 at Quicken Loans Arena. (Photo by Felicia C. Haney)

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