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America Will Decide

After three debates, which attracted a viewing audience just north of 200 million, after Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Donald Trump’s sex tapes, the two most unfavorable presidential candidates in United States history will have their fate decided on Nov. 8.

The fate of embattled former First Lady and Secretary of State Clinton and that of the bombastic outsider candidate billionaire business mogul Trump rest in the hands of the American people at the polls.

Clinton has vowed to continue the legacy of the first Black President Barack Obama and Trump has threatened to derail its greatest benchmark, The Affordable Health Care Act.

It is a presidential election that has unified the Democratic party behind its candidate who would become the first woman president in the history of the nation.

In stark contrast the Republican candidate Trump has all but destroyed the GOP as we’ve come to know it, creating a division as wide as the Gulf. More Republicans elected officials have denounced their candidate than ever before.

However, it has only inspired Trump and his rabid base of supporters which includes Call and Post Publisher Don King and Cleveland Pastor Daryl Scott who has drawn criticism for his devout support of a candidate who is as predicable as the fall weather in December in Northeast Ohio.

While Clinton was the anointed the Democratic nominee early on in the process she didn’t anticipate the contentious battle from her lone wolf rival Senator Bernie Sanders who had to be courted by President Obama to support Clinton.

Meanwhile, Trump shocked a field of established Republicans that included “Little Hand” Marco Rubio and “Lying Ted” Cruz in addition to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Black surgeon Ben Carson.

By the time the GOP candidates decided to take their gloves off and go after Trump, it was too late, bitter personal attacks ensued from Cruz and Rubio, but The Donald was on his way to the nomination.

Trump, with out any specific agenda on policy and a catchy slogan “I Want to Make America Great Again. America First!” was the last man standing from the field of 17, igniting firestorm at the GOP Convention here in Cleveland.

Thus it came down to arguably two candidates that America refused to reject, but now must elect.

As the majority of the polls indicated Clinton clinging to a 5-6 point lead over Trump with days left before the election, Trump has steadfastly indicated that the system is rigged and that unless he wins he will contest the outcome.

However, but as one commentator inquired what if all of the polls are wrong?

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