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The clock is ticking on the hapless Browns bid to turn in the second winless season in the history of the NFL.

I heard there is going to be a parade for the Brownies if they can pull off the feat.

Imagine how hard it would be for a team to go winless during the course of a season? I mean it’s like picking the horses that will finish last in the Kentucky Derby? Who could have possibly saw this coming? Well, now the Gents come to Dawg Pound this week…Whew Hue…

You gotta love LeBron James! And if you are a person of color you have to really love LeBron James. For years I’ve always wondered when some Black athlete born in poverty would be smart enough to empower his real friends.

There’s Kobe fighting with his mom over his high school jersey…pitiful…then the Kobster shuts down his sisters cell phones…classic…

So, when Spin-master Phil Jackson took a shot at Bron Bron and his inner circle last week, I immediately said…SA What??? This is the same man who took credit for Jordan’s glory… made the Lakers Kobe/Shaq feud so big that he would get the credit for those rings as well…got mad when the Lakers picked Jerry West over him to run the front office…and is now running the Knicks in the ground and blaming their lack of knowledge of the triangle offense, which he also didn’t create…This Phil fellow was a second tier NBA player, caught lightening in a bottle in Chi-town and LA and now he’s so not important, he has to say something as dumb as he did…

I remember when Baron Davis canned his agent and hired his college teammate Todd Ramasar to represent him… I though that was big, and TR is still in the sports agent biz thanks to a leg up from BD…

Bron Bron just blew up the old boys club when he brought all of his boys into the fray to run his Billionaire brand, thus killing to notion that you need some smart white guy to take care of you…as if a brother can’t be smart?

Oh, let’s see…where did you go to college Bron? Was it Harvard, Yale…Duke???

Man, just how are you doing all of this???

Fellas, wake up…see what Bron Bron is doing and do what Bron Bron is doing…Trust yourself…when the ball stops bouncing, all of your new friends will flee for the next gravy train…Follow Bron’s lead…

Finally, big ups to Andre Ward big victory over the so called Krusher. Ward got knocked down, but got up and dug in to capture the unified light heavyweight titles. Now, Dre if you are really smart, you quit while you are ahead…There is nothing else to prove, be like Floyd and get out on top…It’s so hard to say goodbye…damn it say it!

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