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DK historical “Turkey Tour” returns

Global and international icon Don King is shown here in 2015 at the Call & Post delivering the big yard bird during his historical Turkey Tour. (Call & Post Photo)

Indefatigable Advocate for Pace and Women’s Rights and iconic boxing promoter Don King will return home with his historical ‘Turkey Tour’ on Saturday Dec. 17th at the Call & Post newspaper building located at 11800 Shaker Blvd. beginning at 12p.m.

The Don King Turkey Tour has been an American tradition for more than 50 years and this year will be presented by ITube 24/7 (

Individuals and organizations must have a ticket in order to received one of the many turkeys that will be given away by King and his staff. The event is scheduled to conclude at 3p.m.

This long-standing tradition has unfolded here in Northeast Ohio, New Jersey, Florida and Los Angeles throughout the years, but it is the second consecutive year that King has hosted the event at his newspaper.

King is owner and publisher of the 100- year old Call & Post newspaper and is the undisputed greatest boxing promoter in the history of the sport.

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