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UPM pastors against Stop and Frisk

Pastors from across the city gathered at United Pastors in Mission’s (UPM) meeting to establish a working relationship on behalf of the community and the new Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Michael O Malley after a tumultuous and challenging years with problematic decisions by the former County Prosecutor, Timothy McGinty.

The Pastors discussed the position of the Prosecutor’s Office in light of President Donald J. Trump, and his campaign calling for a broader use of the of the contentious stop-and-frisk police strategy in America’s cities to curve and control violence in the nation, and rid the “carnage” of inner cities. County Prosecutor O Malley agreed that this tactic not only effected the African American population in a negative way but data shows how that tactic have unfairly singled out blacks, and also put police in unnecessary dangerous positions. He agreed that such strategy only alienates and creates a divide between police and minority communities. Mr. O Malley strongly affirmed that the constitutional rights and requirements of all people must be upheld to which his office would enforce.

The United Pastors collectively agreed that the idea of creating a national stop-and-frisk policy is the equivalent of proposing, to some degree, martial law in the black community which must be adverted at all cost. Dr. Macon, UPM President, thanked the County Prosecutor for refusing to alienate the community which is needed in partnering with the police department to fight against crime. A number of the clergy felt that the stop-and frisk tactics ought never be enough reason for stopping innocent people.

UPM was also trying to forge a clergy and community engagement partnership plan with the Cuyahoga Prosecutor office to prevent miscommunications and mistakes made by the last prosecutor’s office and believed that a model for future relationships between them and the community is one that emulates the former Congresswoman and former Cuyahoga Prosecutor Stephanie Tubbs Jones and that of a Bill Mason.

Lastly, Mr. O Malley called for help and prayers for juvenile youths who are in need of mentors from the church and community at large. UPM called for prayer, dignity of human lives, and repentance and a commitment to justice and the love ethics of Jesus Christ!

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