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Spotlight:   90 Days

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." Philip Pullman

We believe that storytelling is a perfect vehicle for advocacy and activism. With 90 Days, our goal is to use entertainment to advocate for the message that “love is greater than anything,” including HIV. The HIV infection and death rates remain on the rise in communities of color in the United States even rivaling those of sub"Saharan Africa in major cities like Atlanta. Advancements in medicine and treatment have made HIV a treatable chronic disease and thus, the epidemic has all but disappeared from our daily dialogue.

Our story of love and acceptance seeks to move the conversation back center in a way only art can do. A great story can cause others to build empathy, compassion, and a desire to act. A well"told story is emotional at its core because it emanates from one's soul. It is why the use of storytelling in activism and advocacy is fundamental to successful motivation, initiation and integration

of affected, and often times more importantly, non"affected communities.

As Aristotle said, "You don't inKluence people through intellect, you do it through emotion."

Welcome to our Kilm, 90 Days!!

LOGLINE: After ninety days of dating, Jessica (Teyonah Parris) tells her would"be Kiancé that she is HIV positive, which forces the couple to confront the realities surrounding living and loving with HIV.

Starring: Teyonah Parris (Dear White People, Chi4Raq, Mad Men, Survivor’s Remorse)

Pauletta Washington (Beloved, Antwone Fisher)

Nic Few (The Chadwick Chronicles, Gideon’s Crossing) Directors: Nathan Hale Williams & Jennia Fredrique Aponte Writer: Nathan Hale Williams

Producer: Sol Aponte

Executive Producer: Jussie Smollett

Nathan Hale Williams Richard E. Pelzer, II Sol Aponte

Cinematographer: Diego Torroija Genre: Dramedy (Short Form) Run Time: 19 minute Completed: October 2016 Filmed in: Los Angeles


Taylor (Nic Few) is preparing for a date with his girlfriend, Jessica (Teyonah Parris) to celebrate three months of dating. They have waited ninety days to be intimate because they both agreed that sex gets in the way of truly getting to know your partner. Still, Taylor is sure that Jessica is the woman for him and intends to propose. His best friend, Qwynn (Emmett Short) thinks that he is crazy and encourages him to wait until after their relationship has been consummated and he knows more about her. Undeterred, Taylor with a ring in his pocket heads to Jessica’s for their dinner and to propose. Confronted with a case of cold feet, Taylor calls his no nonsense mother (Pauletta Washington) who reassures him that he is not moving too fast and that Jessica is a wonderful woman.

All is well, until Jessica reveals the true reason why she asked to wait ninety days. She is HIV positive. Initially, Taylor is shocked by the revelation, but listens to Jessica and they discuss the truths about HIV and how a mixed status relationship can be managed.

Can he contract it? Can he protect himself by going on PrEP? Can they ever have kids? What is her treatment like? It’s not at all what Taylor had expected and he needs time to think through his feelings.


In this Kilm, we want to dispel prevailing myths about what it means to be HIV positive, particularly when it comes to dating, sex, marriage and having children. We also want to create a compelling piece that gives people of color, living with HIV a vision for establishing and managing mixed status intimate and sexual relationships. We also want to help break down the stigma associated with being positive. However, we also want to be realistic in portraying the emotional complexity of dealing with the virus.

We will use the Kilm to educate people and to open a dialogue about the current realities of what it means to live with HIV, treatment, partner protection, children and more. The Kilm will be available as a tool to be used by the HIV prevention community to engage populations around these issues.


90 Days was made in partnership and with the generous support of:

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