Help Save America-Help Save The World

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise

Congratulations on your First Hundred Days President Donald J. Trump! Promises made…promises kept!

Your honest, loyal and truthful dedication to the American people by keeping your word is unparallel in our American history. Your performance in the first hundred days has been magnificent…despite the corrupt system’s war against you and the will of ‘We the people,’ despite the bias media’s fake news, dishonest propaganda campaign against you and the revolutionary Trump Movement.

In other words, President Donald J. Trump is keeping his word, commitment and promises to the American people. He promised to create a whole new system…well, he certainly is in the process of doing just that…and who can truthfully deny, friend or foe, that he is taking this corrupt system apart at an incredible pace while at the same time exposing its evil corruption in every direction and diabolical method known to man.

President Trump thus far, without a doubt, is the hardest working president in the history of America; taking the evil corrupt system apart, which brings America and the American people to the realization that the most important topic on earth, in the nuclear age, is world peace.

The evil corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist system in its war against the Trump Movement has been trying every devious, sinister and evil method and scheme to discredit the Trump Administration; from the Jill Stein voter scam to the Russian election of President Trump to the refusal to accept the will of the people election results to trying to deceitfully manipulate President Trump into rhetorical threats and incendiary confrontations with other nuclear power leaders which could possibly evolve into a nuclear exchange. “There is no winner in a nuclear war.” according to our late great President John F. Kennedy and such a nuclear war would threaten our very (human) existence on this planet.

President Trump, just as he promised, is taking this evil, corrupt system apart…beating the evil, corrupt system while at the same time, keeping his promise to create a whole new system. The evil, corrupt system is out to destroy Trum