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Cavs plight calls for desperate measures

Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert has been one of the lone bright spots for the Cavs reserves and the wild card might be Derrick Williams, especially since one of the other reserves are do much anyway.

The defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers will make their home Finals debut this week, having lost the first two games in Oakland by an average of 21 points.

Many of the so-called experts have buried LeBron James and his teammates and are already anointing Kevin Durant as the best player in the world. They say there is no way the Cavs will come back this time. Not against Steph Curry, Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and coach Steve Kerr.

This should not come as any surprise to Cleveland or its fans, which for many years did not require any convincing about the potential bleak outcome of their beloved sports teams.

However, this Cleveland fans base does not care what anyone thinks and will always BELIEVE the Cavs can do what few think they can. Beat the Golden State Warriors.

Perhaps theses die hard Wine and Gold bleeding faithful just might be on to something.

Noted Minister of Music Tina Farmer posted a picture of herself, wearing a black veil with the words above reading; “Do it Jesus.” That was when the Cavs was on their way to a Game 1 blowout defeat. During Game 2, Farmer reposted with a picture of the team inserted next to hers. The Cavs were blown away again.

At church, at the bank, in the grocery market, at the gas stations, everyone wants a reason to believe that the Cavs can do it again.

The answer is, the prospects do not look good.

When your big three of James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are all doing their jobs, and the rest of the team is not measuring up, then the chances of beating this loaded squad is bleak.

Many point to the Warriors loaded guns for the reason for their success, but this is also a team that can do everything wrong and still earn positive results.

What the Cavs will have to do going forward is not be as predictable. Bench J.R. Smith and replace him with Iman Shumpert. Bench Tristan Thompson and replace him with Channing Frey. Make Derrick Williams one of your first substitutions and get real physical with Durant.

Now, this does not mean the results will be any different, but you won’t know unless you try. You already know what the results are when you play it the other way.

I know, it’s only a 0-2 hole, but it’s the size of a grave, the dirt is piling high on both sides and unless you do something rather desperate, flat lining is your fate.

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