‘The Spectacle’ is a low blow for humanity

The media tour for ‘The Spectacle’ has concluded and all that is left is for the money to keep pouring in for the Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather-Conor McGregor “boxing match” in Las Vegas on August 26th.

Mayweather, 49-0 and 12 time world champion in the sport of boxing will be taking on mix martial arts star McGregor in what will be the most lucrative event in the history of boxing.

It pits the UFC’s most popular commodity versus boxing’s most despised legend in Mayweather.

The build up began more than a year ago with McGregor’s shallow challenge to fight Mayweather, but subsequently transformed into an all out social media battle and pseudo public spat.

It got real when the dollars began to make sense and the fan universe clamored for McGregor to knock Mayweather’s head off.

The boxing community frowned upon the prospects that a UFC fighter would obtain the opportunity to make zillions for fighting its sport undefeated retired and most financially successful fighter, ever.

Boxing purest claimed it would give the sport a black eye, as if it needed additional blows to the head to achieve that.

However, if they were to speak honestly their reasons wasn’t so much against the idea of an inexperienced boxer raking in millions for competing against one of its marquee stars, it was more rooted in jealousy.

They only wish they were Dana White, Floyd Mayweather and Al Haymon, but since they are not the one’s benefiting from it, their total disdain was for Mayweather.

The reason Mayweather-McGregor is so highly sought after is people want to see it, but the reason that it will give boxing a sore eye is because of the profanity laced, homophobic language that has dominated the press conferences during the tour.

McGregor telling Mayeather he’s f’d, each shouting b**ches at the other, all while Showtime boss Stephen Esponiza sits back and watches.

In each city Los Angeles, Toronto, Brooklyn and then London, Mayweather and McGregor speaking nothing of their strategy, their journey, their training, but instead targeting each other with foul language insults that made live television broadcast sound more like a Roadrunner cartoon.

Sadly, it is an event that really didn’t need any hype at all because the intrigue of a mix martial arts star fighting against boxing’s brightest superstar was enough.

McGregor is 26, Mayweather 40, and in a year in which we’ve already seen Manny Pacquaio lose to a green Jeff Horn, perhaps anything could happen.

But all that intrigue was thrown out the window when Mayweather embarrassed himself, his children and his sport and stooping to the lowest level of humanity by raining $1 bills on McGregor and calling him a whore, which brought a cascade of boos from the Brooklyn fans.

McGregor, playing the race card claiming that he’s half black from the waist down among his many disparaging comments leveled against Mayweather.

It is clear now that both McGregor and Mayeather are acting, playing out a charade that will net both of them nine figure paydays, when all they had to do was act as if, as if this was a real fight with real hate without the false bate.

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