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Can Kizer end Browns QB jinx?

The Cleveland Browns have started 24 quarterbacks since 1999 and all of them have become regrettable and most forgettable in franchise lore, but number 25 could be the charm.

It has only been two preseason games but as bad as things have being going in the Dawg Pound, this franchise is actually relishing its undefeated 2-0 record as if it might be the start of something good.

Second year head coach Hue Jackson was determined from the outset of camp that it was significant from a foundational standpoint for this young football team to experience the feeling of victory.

Something that only happened once all of last season, and a hang over he soon wanted to be rid of.

Preseason exhibition games may not mean anything to the world champion New England Patriots, but it’s the start of a brand new culture here in Cleveland.

Such a culture could not be more evident in the Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer who began camp as the third string quarterback behind Cody Kessler and veteran Brock Osweiler.

Coaches have been blown away by the ultra talented Kizer, but cautious has been development.

However, after just a small bite size sample of Kizer and his two competitors it just might be time for the Browns to realize they have something truly special in the Notre Dame alum.

The 21-year old Toledo native is responsible for both the preseason victories and have gotten better with each repetition under center.

On Monday Aug. 21, Kizer completed 8 of 13 and ran for the only touchdown in the victory.

He was sacked by the Giants elite level defense twice for 22 yards, but demonstrated enough poise to not make any game changing mistakes.

Kizer rushed for 35 yards, but what clearly separates him from Osweiler and Kessler is his foot speed, arm strength and touch while throwing the football.

One can see why there was a lot of speculation that he would be the first quarterback taken in the draft, but feel to the Browns in the second round.

At 6’4 he has all of the essential measurements to be the real deal one Browns coach told me “he’s special and is the real deal.”

Kessler doesn’t have the mobility and arm strength to be a star in the NFL, Osweiler is proving that it was a byproduct of the Denver Broncos system that was instrumental to his abbreviated success.

After Osweiler signed the huge free agent contract with Houston he was given every chance to lead a playoff caliber football team and failed miserably.

The Browns obtained him in a trade with Houston, but most experts felt they would cut him outright or seek a trade partner of which they could not find one.

Simply put, Osweiler will never be a star in the NFL and it’s debatable if he is good enough to be a starter.

If coach Jackson doesn’t feel Osweiler can win games for the team, then it’s time to move on away from him.

He’s too expensive as a back up option and I’m not sure that he’s more competent than Kessler.

Would you rather have your most talented quarterback get as many snaps as he can during a season in which you know you are rebuilding?

Or would you play a guy in Osweiler who could potentially erode your dwindling fan base?

Do not over think this at all. DeShone Kizer is the Browns best chance to win and develop the culture necessary for long-term success.

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