New Cleveland artist goes viral

Q Money better known as Qamar Williams burst on the scene with his viral hit ”work” which gained two million views in less than a month. He also has 51.2 Instagram followers.

The internet superstar is from St. Clair but graduated from Euclid High School.

He says people hear his music from every source you can hear music like streaming.

“I’ve gone viral from doing my own thing and the fans seeing my confidence and being into my own music which is where my motivation is,” said Williams

There’s no set date for his debut album to drop but it will probably the beginning of next year.

However when he drops he’s not coming alone.

“I have some other artists from where I’m from that I want to bring with me,” said Williams.

Williams does not like to be put into a box. He’s just a great artist surely to make a big name for himself.

“I consider myself just an artist not old school or new school,” said Williams.

“I like to think that I make good music for everybody so I really don’t want to put myself in a category. I’m versatile and I can make any type of music.”

Williams travels back and forth to Atlanta to produce his music.

Most of what he has released has been produced here in Cleveland and much of the unreleased music was produced in Atlanta.

Williams says his music is about real life. His life! He wants people to understand this is not a studio gimick, he’s truly real.

“I want people to know that everything I say in my music is my life,” said Williams.

“And I’m really out here trying to motivate the culture. I’m not trying to stunt on anyone I’m just trying to motivate. I put a lot of real life situations in my music.”

Williams is like any other performer he’s loves what he does but there is also something special about it.

“Seeing what I used to go do for free and now getting money for it,” said Williams,

“Just doing something I love to do and ‘Im actually getting paid for it. I appreciate it.”