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Buzzard Luck! They’re calling for Hue’s head

The Cleveland Browns and coach Hue Jackson can’t win for losing. Jackson called a timeout just as Ryan Succop was sailing a game winning kick wide left. Then as the Titans reset after the timeout he nailed it right down Alfred Lerner Way to send the Browns to a 12-9 overtime defeat. Next week the Browns will play Minnesota at Twickenham Stadium in London.

I actually questioned the sanity of my L.A. homey Hue Jackson when he decided to take the Cleveland Browns coaching job instead of the New York Giants, but it hindsight I don’t know if it could have been any worse.

There isn’t anyone who knows anything about football will question Jackson’s ability to coach a football team. He was the last hire by one of the greatest minds the game has ever known in Al Davis of the Raiders.

Ask the Cincinnati Bengals how they are doing without Jackson as their offensive coordinator? He was among the hottest of coaching prospects two year ago, so it’s not plausible that in just a short period of time he has forgotten everything he knows about football.

However, not even I can defend his quick trigger of DeShone Kizer first as the starting quarterback and then the abrupt benching when he kept throwing the ball to the other team.

While I believe that Kizer has all of the essential gifts to be a quarterback in the NFL, I thought that Cody Kessler should have been the starter just based on the experience in the system.

Now, Kessler can not make all of the throws, doesn’t have the arm strength of Kizer and chances are he would not have prevented the Browns from going 0-7, but he is not going to beat himself that is for sure.

Having said all of that, Kizer got thrown under the bus by one of the local scribes for being out about town with some of his teammates after 1a.m. two days before the game.

I traveled with the Raiders for 10 years and I can tell you that being out that late the weekend of a game is not good. If this was Los Angeles and Kizer was out with his teammates it would not have been a big deal at all, but in Cleveland? I’ve been here for two years and I can’t find a damn thing to do at 11p.m.

The fact that Jackson had to be informed by the reporter that his starting quarterback was out that late is not a good look. It’s like someone informing a parent where their kid was.

Losing with an organization as desperate as the Cleveland Browns can alter your mental psyche and I believe that it is wearing on Jackson.

The problem for the Browns and their unrealistic fan base is there are no quick fixes in the NFL. You can bring in Peyton Manning to run the front office, but there is no magic dust.

This is a franchise that missed terribly on Deshaun Watson, someone who Jackson really wanted.

Jackson is an old time football man and while he may buy in to all of this analytics crap, he knows good football player when he sees one.

This is a bad football team, albeit a young football team and it doesn’t matter who you bring in here it will take some time. A looooooooong time…

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