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Mayor Frank G Jackson Prevails

After months of political debates, deliberations and some disagreements, the Mayoral race in Cleveland is over. Frank G. Jackson, incumbent Mayor of Cleveland has campaigned addressing the issues and concerns of the Cleveland citizenry. We believe that Mayor Jackson has a prescription for the ills of the City, and we congratulate him for service rendered as well as opportunities to come for the betterment of Cleveland. Every story however, has an epilog and this story is no different. The true tail of this Mayoral postscript has to be the story of made promises to an electorate more determined than ever to experience the fruition of commitments made during the campaign.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson was reelected to the office of Mayor of the City of Cleveland to an unprecedented fourth term. We the people held the reigns to the final count and conclusion. It was the conclusion of we the people that Frank G. Jackson retain his office as Mayor of Cleveland. This will not be however a Mayoral status quo season. The citizens of Cleveland will no longer lay dormant and complacent with silent murmurs of displeasure. We will join the Mayor and participate in the process of change. Because of what we believe to be the beginning of something new, we will join the Mayor with our assistance in the spirit of help in all areas of interest and concern.

History will not only record the reelection of Mayor Jackson’s fourth term, but history cannot ignore his resilience and service to this community. It is obvious that the citizens of Cleveland have not only acknowledged his service but has rewarded him with the honors of another 4 years. We have given our Mayor the opportunity to complete the tasks he started and start the tasks he promised. We believe in Mayor Frank G. Jackson. We believe that he is the right choice at this time in our history. We believe in his political and intellectual ability to operate, appropriate, communicate and effectuate change in the City of Cleveland. Congratulations Mayor for a job well done!

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