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Started at the bottom and STILL here

Browns coach Hue Jackson and owner Jim Haslam are still together after the 0-13 Browns canned Sashi Brown last week. Haslam hired John Dorsey to be the General Manager and both he and Jackson will report to the owner.

“Started from the bottom now we're here

Started from the bottom now my whole team f******* here.” DRAKE

The rabid Cleveland Browns fans have a justifiable reason for being angry as hell about the fate of their beloved hometown NFL team and the firing of Sashi Brown and hiring of John Dorsey is not going to change that.

Look west to Los Angeles where the Rams and Chargers have energized the city in just a short period of time.

Take a glace at the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is on the cusp of a possible deep playoff run and even to a lesser degree look at the San Francisco 49ers, which has won three games this season.

This franchise had made one playoff appearance since its rebirth in 1999 and in 2007 had six players selected to the Pro Bowl on a team that went 10-6 and missed out on the playoffs by a tiebreaker rule, but that was much better than this charade.

So, when you look at the current state of the Jimmy Haslam ownership regime since 2012, it has been a disaster and no one knows for sure if Dorsey or head coach Hue Jackson can fix that.

Sashi Brown had zero experience of running an NFL team and Paul DePodesta is a former baseball guy turn analytics guru who had been paired with Jackson to recover from the abysmal Ray Farmer error.

Analytics my work great in baseball, but the only measurable that are important in football are height, weight, strength and 40 yard dash time. It takes a football guy to run a football team and that is no cinch to work either, but it’s the most proven and best formula.

For all the hype surrounding Hue Jackson, and I flat our love the guy, his best season in the NFL was 8-8 with the late Al Davis Oakland Raiders.

Since coming to Cleveland he has not been on the same page with the front office from the gate. Brown learning on the fly and DePodesta crunching numbers botched two drafts in consecutive years thus leaving Jackson to coach players who were vastly inexperienced and overwhelmed by the speed and talent of the NFL.

The Browns passed on two franchise quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in back to back seasons, meaning they had to be equally inept in each of those years to be in position to draft that high. Jackson reportedly wanted both of them.

Cody Kessler was their Wentz in 2016 and Deshone Kizer became their Watson in 2017.

Kizer is not a bad player and coaches’ drool over his rifle arm and skill set, but there was a reason he was available in the second round after many projected him to have first round talent.

It’s not all Kizer’s fault. Wentz and the Jeff Goff took a year to learn before being handed the reigns of their respective teams.

Chances are the Browns did not have a better option to win football games than Kizer and it remains to be seen if this experience of losing football games and throwing costly interceptions will benefit him going forward.

In the meantime, the Browns, Haslam, Jackson and now Dorsey are stuck at the bottom.

This musical chairs of GMs, coaches and quarterbacks is nothing new to Cleveland and the fans are fed up you all of the excuses logical or not. They want a winner and by golly they deserve much better than they are getting.

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