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LeBron’s pending free agency is mystifying

The home town Cleveland Cavaliers had just polished off the young and exciting Los Angeles Lakers at Quicken Loans Arena for their third consecutive win and 9th of its last 10.

However, the 59th career triple double of LeBron James grandiose iconic NBA career was just a side bar to his hush, jersey hidden words to Lakers star rookie Lonzo Ball who himself enjoyed a near triple-double a 13-point, 11-assist, 8-rebound audition against his favorite player.

The Cavs have been hotter than stolen pistol since their sluggish start that questioned if this was the end of their reign in the Eastern Conference, but again appear to be the team to beat.

However, what has captured the imagination of the NBA fantasy world is ‘What Will LeBron Do?’ when he becomes an NBA free agent next summer.

That hush game ending chat with Lonzo may yet be the smallest clue.

Other clues are much more profound, regardless what you think. LeBron James bought another home in Brentwood and he and his wife paid a visit to a prestigious private high school in Sherman Oaks as well, seemingly for Lil Bron.

Bron-Bron’s agent Rich Paul has been coy about his King’s landing spot, but has been to Los Angeles and sat courtside with the team owner Jeanie Buss.

LeBron has already brought his home town a much sought and coveted NBA championship, and while the Cavs front office signed Bron-Bron pal D-Wade during the off season, it also surrendered its young foundational core in Kyrie Irving to the hated rival Celtics to brace for post LeBron James.

Most will lead you to believe that LeBron is not going to a team that doesn’t have a legit shot to win an NBA title, but honestly what team that would employ him would not have a chance.

He is not Kevin Durant who has to go into a ready baked title cake, he has proven to be sweeting ingredient essential to complete the cake.

Then there is the big elephant in the room. That has absolutely nothing to do with basketball or NBA championships. Where is it best for you to raise your family while at the same time conduct your post basketball career business, if you are the greatest player to ever lace them up?

LeBron James is a liberal Democrat residing in a blood red Republican state of Ohio, just how long do you expect that to last? Where can he best legislate the social changes he’s advocated for during his illustrious career, Los Angeles or anywhere else?

"None of y'all business," is what told reporters about his chat with prodigy Lonzo Ball, whose transitional gifts as a point guard are unmatched. He is the most unselfish player to ever arrive in the league.

If LeBron is going to leave ‘home’ there is only one place he could go and that is Los Angeles, and the rest of the league be damned.

When the Cavs visit the defending NBA champion Warriors on Christmas Day, it will be a rematch of the past three Finals, but it could also be the last.

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