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Turkey Tour culminates joyful season

It took a half-century old tradition known throughout the country as the Don King Turkey Tour to transform a dark, wet and gloomy morning into a hearty day gleaming with smiles as the 50 year old event culminated a nation wide gift of joy at the Call & Post Newspaper in Cleveland on Monday Dec. 18.

“Where’s is Don King, Where is Don King,” many of the attendees asked while standing in line to receive their Butterball Turkey, but the legendary global icon did attend the Florida Turkey Tour where thousands more enjoyed the event.

King cut a $100,000 check to Costco’s for the thousands of birds that were given away in New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, South Florida and finally Cleveland during a grueling five day stretch.

Scores of volunteers and Don King Production and Call & Post staff were instrumental in continuing King’s popular holiday event that will feed countless of individuals and families who may not have had a meal otherwise.

Then there are those who can save the cost to provide other things for their families or friends.

Meanwhile, the event at the Call & Post for which King is owner and publisher, the morning began long before the lines of people and cars took position. Local Prince Hall Freemasons who were responsible for unloading the massive trailer truck and then were treated to a full banquet breakfast to ready for the four-hour event.

Many of those receiving the turkeys were disabled seniors and veterans, as well and those from the homeless community.

King has frequently staggered when we might host his highly anticipated event, at times held during Thanksgiving and others just before the Christmas holiday, but no matter when it occurs it is always welcomed by those who probably can’t wait for the next one to take place.

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