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There is a cancer among us Cavs have a problem from within

You knew it was going to happen, the Warriors players could not even get dressed soon enough before Cavaliers players began voicing their concerns with various media outlets after an embarrassing lost on MLK Day.

Days prior, Cavs coach Tyron Lue had warned against players having their own agenda, a comment that mystified many of the team’s star players including LeBron James.

The Cavs brass thought they had rid themselves of such a problem when they traded Kyrie Irving to Boston, but apparently they did not surgically remove enough of the cancerous cells that can kill a championship team.

It only takes one, but in this instance there appears to be multiple players, who of course went nameless when offering their observations of the state of the team and why this may be the last hurrah for the boys in red and wine.

Ironically, I had quietly pondered what game was the most significant on MLK Day and I came away with the conclusion that it was the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls play too far off the national radar for anyone to really pay attention to it, but I thought this just might be the Cleveland Cavaliers a year from now.

Although, no team is crowned champion in January, February or March in the NBA, pundits are so quick to declare or dethrone the champion of the league, the Cavs primarily because of LeBron James are always the perfect target.

LeBron is not just a logic defying mega star, but his standards are so high that those who to dare not to be great will succumb of under his umbrella.

Kobe Bryant was similar in his insane drive to be the best player on the planet, but Kobe rarely if ever made anyone better around him, for his entire career LeBron has mastered that.

I am not going to put any one the nameless players on blast, how could I? I have attended a single game this season, but I don’t have to. I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s more than likely someone with a relatively long term guaranteed contract.

What possibly could a dead legged Dwayne Wade say? Kyle Korver is way to classy for that. So just do the math and its easy to figure out who this under achiever is, under performing, not getting enough minutes guy is.

More than like a guy that no other team in the league is anxious to have.

That’s exactly what’s happening to the Cavs, too many holder overs, eating all the left overs on a team bewildered about its path forward.

One player you can’t blame is reliable No. 23, and don’t give this pending free agent crap, he’s always a pending free agent. Be glad that you have him, but mindful of the future without him.

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