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Greater Abyssinia Celebrates Black History

Black History Month is a time to celebrate our ancestors and thank God for the bridges that have brought us this far. Let us not forget what Cleveland has contributed down thru the years and last Sunday Feb. 4, The Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church had the exciting privilege to view and exam a huge structure, exhibit and listen to a 10-minute video by “Bridges Black Heritage Culture Center” (BBHCC), bridging the past, present and future generations. The exhibit is meticulously compiled of 22 Bridges Black Heritage Culture Center’s profiles from Cleveland. Profiles including religious, political, social, sports, educational and businesses figures. Five (5) women and seventeen (17) men as pictured, all embracing black historic events. The BBHCC is on a mission to build a state of the art facility right here in Cleveland that will feature Black Historic figures and events. Memorabilia from the past and monetary donations are welcome. For more information, please email You do not want to miss seeing this display. Check it out and see how many different professions you can identify.

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