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Maple Hts. Mayor Blackwell celebrates McDonald’s  opening

Maple Heights Mayor Annette Blackwell (second from left) looks on during the ribbon cutting ceremony of the grand opening of McDonalds on Maple Heights and Northfield Road recently. Mayor Blackwell is the first African American Mayor in the history of Maple Heights. (Bryant Kizer/Photo)

The first African American Mayor of Maple Heights, Annette Blackwell continues to bring in business that creates jobs for neighboring Cleveland city and last week the mayor was on hand for the grand opening of its second McDonald’s restaurant.

“I think, more than anything it demonstrates that we are an attractive city to live in and also do business. It’s one of the most important initiatives for the city of Maple Heights,” Mayor Blackwell.

The new McDonalds located on Maple Heights and Northfield Road held its grand opening of the new state-of-the-art facility with a festive crowd on hand that was treated to gifts, snacks and yes, McDonalds award winning food items.

“We have worked so hard to get this done,” Paige Navratil, co-owner of operations.

“With the help of the mayor of Maple Heights, we have gotten it done.”

The new McDonalds have made it easier for customers to order. They have a new system called “Kiosk”. If you can navigate through your phone, tablet or your smart television, you will have no problem with this new method.

“It makes ordering easier,” said Ashley Lewis, an employee. “It is easy to do and if you need help there is someone trained to help you.”

All you have to do is go to the Kiosk order what you want and give your ticket to the cashier. You have a choice to pay with a credit/debit card or cash.

Lewis and other employees were in all smiles for the event.

Lewis is a dedicated employee whose has a dream on becoming a massage therapy. Like many of the employees, she juggles work, school and family.

The warm-like weather paid dividends for customers. Keith Krist, the manager said that the weather for mid-February is excellent and that he is glad that a lot of customers came out to enjoy their new store.

“This is a nice store and we are glad that everything went well on building the new McDonalds,” said Mayor Annette M. Blackwell. Blackwell was among the Maple Heights’ Police chief and the Maple Heights’ Fire chief in the celebration.

This is the second new built McDonalds in Maple Heights. The first one built is located on Libby and Broadway.

Executive Editor, Kenneth D. Miller, contributed to this story


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