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Don King’s pugilist Iman goes for WBC title

The long awaited and elusive title shot for Don King’s gifted 140 pound pugilist Amir Iman will finally unfold on Saturday March 17 at Madison Square Garden, and televised live on ESPN at 8p.m. Eastern Time.

Iman, a native of nearby Albany New York, has bounced back nicely after his title hopes were derailed by Adrian Granados in Canada on Nov. 28, 2015 in a shocking TKO defeat.

It was a fight that like his many others had been dominated by the hard punching 27-year old, but also one that saw his once spotless undefeated record dashed.

However, thanks in large part to his Hall of Fame promoter King, Iman knocked out two opponents in 2016 and another last Nov. 11, 2017 and here he is on the cusp of joining other legendary King fighters such as Julio Caesar Chavez and Felix Trinidad as WBC 140 pound title holders.

His quest will not be an easy one, as he takes on the undefeated Jose Carlos Ramirez (21-0/ 16 KOs) for the vacant prestigious WBC strap.

The fight will also reunite promoting rivals Bob Arum and King in a feud that King has clearly dominated throughout his illustrious career.

"Amir Imam is coming to Madison Square Garden, The Mecca of Boxing, in New York City, to take down not only Jose Ramirez but Bob Arum too!" boasted Imam's promoter Don King. "I can hardly wait for Saturday night. Start the clock. Tick-tock, tick-tock." T-minus 124 hours 45 minutes till Ramirez-Imam enter the ring, Saturday night . . .

"Yes sir, March 17 is a big day for me and the stakes are real high for both me and him. It's the first time I get to fight in the Garden and that's exciting, knowing that greatness has fought there. It's the first time I am fighting in a main event and first time fighting for a world title," said Imam. "It's what I have been working for my whole life and it's finally here and I've got to take advantage of it.

"He's kind of tall and long just like me, so it's like seeing each other in the mirror so it is going to be real interesting and it's going to be an electrifying fight."

"Ramirez is a tough fighter - a real tough fighter and we know what we've got to do to win this fight. If a knockout comes I will take advantage of it but I am not going in there looking for a straight knockout. I have to fight real hard and get the rounds under my belt just in case. He's been aggressive but he may not come out aggressive - you never know. I just have to be smart in the ring and adjust to things he will be doing."

"I can definitely match his power, I can box when I have to, and I can fight. I can do a lot of things. I can do whatever it takes to get the W. A lot of fighters these days can't do that - they are one-dimensional fighters. If I have to box or if I have to slug I can do it. I think I am the toughest guy in the 140-pund division.

"I can just hear them saying "The New."

Ramírez vs. Imam will headline a spectacular St. Patrick's Day boxing extravaganza, The Ramírez - Imam world championship fight will be televised live and exclusively at 8 p.m. EDT on ESPN and stream live on the ESPN App at 6 p.m. EDT. It will mark the first time Arum and King have battled each other promotionally on the same

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