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Cordray and DeWine win Primary for Governor

The State of Ohio is preparing for a new Commander-in-Chief to lead the State of Ohio as Governor. With the primary race behind us, Ohio voters have spoken on both sides of the spectrum with Richard Cordray winning the Democratic nomination and Mike Dewine winning the Republican nomination. Now, with the general election forthcoming, questions need to be asked and answers given, as we prepare to cast our votes in the general election for the next Governor of the State of Ohio.

Setting party affiliations aside, who will address the challenges of the day facing the citizenry from one end of the State to the other. Who will answer the looming questions regarding Abortion? Who will meet the challenge of mental health, education and public transportation? Who will stand with bold answers regarding public and charter schools? What will be our direction regarding renewable energy? Who will best deal with the State’s multi-billion dollar budget while insuring that all communities are equally served? What answers are forthcoming regarding an unresolved heroin and opioid epidemic as well as many of the other issues that plague homes and families all across the State of Ohio.

Although the primary is over; the issues that challenge us are yet in the forefront demanding resolutions and solutions the next Governor is expected to provide. Which of these two men will best serve the interest of the citizens of the State of Ohio. Who will stand with boldness and assertiveness to insure that we the citizens of the State of Ohio are not just a part of the National stage, but effective participants working to insure that tomorrow will be better than yesterday or today. We pray for success and that wisdom reside with the new Governor of the great State of Ohio.

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