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Don King Spreads Hope in Carson California

From anyone else’s perspective, Saturday Night’s fight was a promotional disaster. However, in the hands of veteran fight salesman Don King, Saturday’s middleweight title defense by longtime champion Gennady Golovkin was anything but a disaster, but rather an opportunity that leads to greatness hidden behind the veil of a missed victory.

Glendale’s Vanes Martirosyan lost the fight against Gennady Golovkin.

Martirosyan however was given an opportunity to win. Even though he lost the fight, he actually won, but in ways many cannot appreciate.

Mr. King said that he learned from the great Muhammad Ali when he said, “No matter how great you are as a human being, to be a whole human being, you have to lose.” It is therefore, from the concept of losing to win comes the perspective of a man who has stood in the ring of life and has won many fights as a result of losing a few along the way. It is moreover this perspective that serves to encourage those who find themselves holding what appears to be a losing hand, or in another idiom, holding the short end of the stick. With persistence we must pursue perfection, yet learn the lessons that come with losing. It is in this process, that we learn to truly win. I am thankful today that we have access to a man who yet stands in the ‘Hope’ business.

Mr. King continues to give fighters the opportunity to shoot for the stars despite some losses along the way. The true champion according to the King are champions who have first learned to lose. Learning to lose is a life lesson that teaches its students not only humility in the loss, but great appreciation when the ‘win’ comes.

Mr. King has made more millionaire fighters than anyone in the sport of boxing. He is arguably the King of the ring not only as a promoter, but as an encourager of men as well. Without question, our experiences with Mr. King has been and remain life changing. He has affected our lives for the better. We will always remember his words of wisdom. Words we are charged to keep alive. Should you have the opportunity to personally know him, you will find him to be a true friend to the end.

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