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[Don King Speech at President Trump Birthday Rally on June 12, 2018]



To our spiritually touched President Donald J. Trump.

Happy Birthday America and all thanks be to God for blessing America with President Donald J. Trump.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for saving millions of lives.

In your God inspired meeting with North Korea’s Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and your blessed spiritually touched skillful excellence in promoting peace and preventing war by using tolerance and respect and friendship.

President Donald Trump Birthday—June 14, 1946

The genius of our spiritually touched leader, President Donald J. Trump.

Friendship, respect and tolerance for other people’s culture.

President Trump’s God-sent program of get to know you up close and personal with other world leaders, inviting them to dinner at the White House or at Mar-a-Lago in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, friendship, peace, conversations rather than devastation, making your “word” unquestionably your most important asset on a leader to leader basis. Then establishing a dialogue, which could break any nuclear impasse with the concern of human survival.

Your word then becomes your human life and the pundits view of winning and losing from every aspect leaves out the lives of the people you represent the most important asset on earth, “ HUMAN LIFE.”

The truth is at the center of our lives and we must walk by faith, not by sight.

The truth is what it’s all about.

Any dispute with any of our allies should apply only to fairness and truth in regards to the situation of the dispute at hand.

After all we are allies, which means that we are friends, and with truth and fairness as the goal sought, friends can settle any kind of dispute or differences.

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise.

“Know ye the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

“The truth crushed to the earth will rise again.”

-William Cullen Bryant-

“No lie can live forever.” -Thomas Carlyle-

President Donald J. Trump is the living personification of these above truths.

My fellow Americans, President Donald J. Trump is not a racist…he is a realist!!!

When confronting the organic fundamental founding principles of America, Liberty, Justice, Equality, Freedom and Peace. It is our country first!

The spiritually touched President Trump will selflessly tell the truth about any issue facing his beloved country… AMERICA…to the benefit of we the people, the American people, in whether it will be the good, the bad, the ugly or indifferent. Despite what his critics may say or do. Nothing, but the truth is what President Trump will say to you.

However, my fellow citizens, that truth is what threatens the core of the evil, corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system. It threatens the heart of hypocrisy, corruption, inequity, avarice and greedy economical exploitation of we the people, the American people…under the guise of democracy.

The evil, corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system of white supremacy and control is the real enemy of America…not out spiritually touched leader, President Donald J. Trump, who cannot be bought, who cannot be controlled…who is fearless and cannot be bribed, intimidated or coerced. He is brave, courageous and bold ‘THE CHOSEN VOICE’of the “WILL” of we the people, the American people.

President Trump is President of the people, by the people and for the people.

President Trump is a highly unconventional United States President who is willing to consider options past American president leaders would not even consider.

Nuclear age strategy of peace and war is altogether different from past custom and tradition---diplomacy.

President John F. Kennedy in his nuclear age strategy for peace speech on June 10, 1963 at American University gave us a clear and distinct warning of the inherent dangers of a nuclear age world war…A DEATH WISH FOR THE WORLD.

President Trump is brave, courageous and bold.

President Trump is unpredictable.

President Trump is uncontrollable.

President Trump can’t be bought.

President Trump is fearless. He can’t be bribed, forced, intimidated or coerced.

What you see… is what you get.

Promise made…Promises kept.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Nothing is more important to President Donald J. Trump than his word.

The Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is very much like President Trump. He is unpredictable. He is uncontrollable. He has a “don’t accept failure” attitude.

That is why and how he developed the nuclear bomb. He is a fighter and a winner.

Now facing rising expectations from within and tight sanctions from abroad, but definitely determined to modernize North Korea by any means necessary.

However, nothing is more important to him than keeping his word. His word is sacred to him and his North Korean people. And he gave his sacred word to President Trump.

One might ask what does giving his word to President Trump mean?

The Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un replaced North Korea’s top three military leaders who suffered mixed emotions in that regard before the legendary history in the making meeting with President Trump took place.


Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

Forgiveness, Redemption, Conversion, Faith…

President Donald Trump loves his country…America…and he loves the American people; he is loyal to his country and its people.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

Loyalty is more than words; true loyalty will result in actions. Action is what President Trump is giving to ‘We the People,’…he lives, loves and breathes loyalty.

Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. ”John 8:32

Stop and destroy President Trump is the corrupt, rigged system’s mandate. A mandate which means stop and destroy President Trump, his beloved family, and his presidency, by any means necessary. No matter what the cost in money or in human lives.

Stop and destroy President Trump, no matter what the consequences may be.

As an example: My fellow citizens, President Trump’s God-sent program of “getting to know you” with other world leaders, initiated a historic summit with The Honorable Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, something that never happened before. President Trump’s God-inspired negotiations successfully made a deal with Kim Jong Un, in turn saving millions of lives at best and at worst postpone millions of deaths, and in the process of the deal, of fulfilling its terms and conditions, giving us the time through our mutual respect in conversations to prevent nuclear bombs devastation.

Yet, in this historic, highly unconventional option, undertaken by President Trump, which had never happen before, a leader to leader sit down meeting between two heads of adversary state, which has never been undertaken by previous presidents, and then to succeed in preventing the death of millions of human lives, something that should be heralded, applauded and praised by all mankind, but because it was done by President Trump, it was met with sarcasm, lies, doubt, contempt and disbelief. Begrudgingly saying, it could good…but it’s a lie… it won’t last… Kim Jong Un won’t keep his word… the deal is not a real… what we the people, must come to grips with is the fact that anything that President Trump has to do with is considered by the corrupt, rigged system as un-American, diabolical, treasonous and another reason for impeachment.

Now, the corrupt, rigged system totally blames President Trump for the zero tolerance immigration border protection disaster, making him unilaterally responsible for the inhumane parental separation of mother and children.

Making him the absolutely power and cause for this inhuman, ungodly situation of splitting up families, separating parents and guardians from the welfare of their children. Blaming President Trump for the unjust law, absolutely blaming President Trump for upholding and enforcing the unjust law. An unjust law that President Trump had no part in the making of, and has publically called for repeal and replacement of, the unjust law with a fair and just law to protect our borders.

President Trump blames the Democrats, but the corrupt, rigged systems is the cause and the blame then it has cunningly charged and shrewdly established President Trump as the criminal and villain in the court of public opinion and found him guilty as charged and has bestowed upon him the absolute blame and responsibility for the inhuman and immoral crime of separating children from their mother and guardians. And that President Trump has the unilateral absolute power to stop the cruel immoral zero tolerance border protection policy. However, since the corrupt, rigged system has given President Trump this unilateral omnipotent power to justify his absolute blame, now President Trump can use plan B, use the same absolute power to break the law of this unjust law and institute the Trump policy of love and non separation of mother and her children and put into effect a Trump Policy of family love and togetherness and the protection of our borders from illegal immigrants in our vetting process of legal entry.

While at the same time writing a new fair and just law to give safety and protection to the American citizens and protection to our borders.

We the people, have witness one abuse after another, the corrupt, rigged system is relentless from… the Jill Stein voter scam recount… it is appalling that a candidate of one of our two major party’s won’t accept the election results… to Russian collusion… to empowering President Putin of Russia to select our President… to saying that President Trump is an illegitimate President… to trying to build a case of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

The crooked, corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system treats our spiritually touched President Donald J. Trump like it treats a black man and black people. He is guilty as hell of every allegation and accusation of criminal activity leveled against him until proven innocent. He is investigated for every cough, utterance, action, look and deed. If he rolls his eyes at you he is charged with reckless eyeballing. Punishable by impeachment. Yet he is still standing, fighting the good fight for and on behalf of we the people, the American people against a crooked, corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system that has the awesome power to make wrong right and right wrong, and it considers the white woman inferior and owned property and it considers the African Americans/ people of color inferior and owned property.

However, President Trump remains ever vigilant in the struggle and the battle for our liberty.

“We are going to create a whole new system and we will take this system apart.” “I want to make America great again.” America First!

The corrupt, rigged system is the enemy of America…not our spiritually touched leader, President Donald J. Trump.

My fellow Americans, we are daily witnessing the sinister schemes and insidious purple propaganda to demonize our spiritually touched leader President Donald J. Trump.

Every sordid type of hate filled ploys and deceitful actions are being leveled against President Trump to undermine his presidency.

The shadow of betrayal lurks in every hallway and chamber and contaminates the atmosphere, and the backstabbers feed him ambrosia, delicious lies, false and misleading information with a loving smile. The saddest things is betrayal comes from within. Et Tu Brute.

Mr. President “Trust in God.”

However, my fellow Americans, all the Trump haters and false friends, the evil, crooked, corrupt, rigged system, all underestimate the power of God and the genius of President Donald J. Trump.

Peace is the Answer. Conversation not devastation!!!



“And above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. To adopt that kind of course in the nuclear age would be evidence only of the bankruptcy of our policy -- or of a collective death-wish for the world.” President John F. Kennedy, Nuclear Peace Strategy, June 10, 1963




May the blessings of St. Francis be upon our president:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

Almighty God, we Americans humbly pray to you to bless us with a peaceful transition of government and that nobody gets hurt in the process. Heavenly Father, please bless us with the guidance, the direction and the ways and means in which we, as Americans, can unite and become ONE AMERICA…touching the heart of President Donald J. Trump and enabling him to fulfill his promise and commitment to be President to ALL THE PEOPLE, while Making America Great Again. I ask and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior….Amen! Don King

God Bless America

God Bless the American People

God Bless President Donald J. Trump

God Bless our Military, men and women the Vanguard of our Nation

God Bless our Veterans

God Bless the Fallen but not Forgotten Heroes

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

Only in America

Don King


Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise…

“There is but one element of government, and that is THE PEOPLE. From this element spring all governments. For a nation to be free, it is only necessary that she wills it." President John Adams

NOW IS THE TIME: the people are frustrated…the people are disgusted…the people are angry…

THE PEOPLE WANT CHANGE: the people are tired of the lies and the unkept promises. The people feel betrayed by their lying elected representatives who in turn comprise the corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system form of government.

The people want change…REAL CHANGE, not politically correct rhetoric, false promises, untruths and bigoted divisiveness pitting white against black, discrimination, blaming the victim rather than the victimizer, making the victim the criminal.

The American people want change. Donald J. Trump is the only presidential candidate offering REAL CHANGE!!!

All of the American people: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, religious people and atheists alike, agree unanimously that the system is crooked, corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist and We the Peopleare angry, frustrated and disappointed in the system’s corrupt, rigged form of government that We the Peopleare governed by. While We the People reject this crooked, corrupt rigged system form of government, the question is: What are We the People going to do about it?

While we have a ninety percent consensus of public opinion – No! No! – one hundred percent, unanimous, agreement in public opinion that the system is corrupt rigged, sexist and racist. Those are the facts; We the People; the AmericanPeoplewant change…We the People want to eliminate, dismantle and destroy this corrupt, rigged system.

Now is the time!!! We have, on the table, a proposal for systematic relief from the lies, promises and apologies; which are followed by more lies, promises, and apologies for unkept promises with a promise the we won’t give up, we won’t give in…and we won’t quit fighting to K. O. the unjust and unequal barriers that We the People are confronted with. “Business as Usual,” the same old soup being warmed up, over and over again. Relief but no change!!!Then we have the Spirit of Americaproposal; Donald J. Trump’s commitment to the American people: "We are going to create a whole new system… and we will tear this system apart." “I want to make America great again.”

My fellow Americans, Trump’s Spirit of Americaproposalis unequivocally the way to go for a BETTER AMERICA. It is honest, clean cut, and direct toward the elimination, the dismantlement and the destruction of our corrupt rigged, sexist, racist system and the beginning of the cure of our problems.

The people feel let down and disgusted by the people that they sent to Washington to solve and resolve the problems on our behalf. Instead, they became a part of the problem that they were sent there to try to solve and resolve, thus adding to our frustration, confusion and the dilemma of misguided influence.

The people feel that the Lobbyists, Super PACs, Special Interest Groups, Wall Street Financial Interests and Big Business pose strong influence over and with our elected representatives, whose influence controls the government.

“Influence is not Government.” President George Washington

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth can not be produced by human institutions. In the full enjoyment of the gifts of Heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society the farmers, mechanics, and laborers who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their Government. There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. If it would confine itself to equal protection, and, as Heaven does its rains, shower its favors alike on the high and the low, the rich and the poor, it would be an unqualified blessing.” President Andrew Jackson

My fellow Americans, it’s “spiritual.” President Andrew Jackson speaking in 1832, is so timely and appropriate, just as tho as if he was speaking in regards to the crooked, corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system’s issues and situations that are confronting the American people today.</