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Holy Spirit leads to Rev. Caviness July 4 dinner invite

Fourth of July Attendees:

Mrs. Cloteel Wade,Lavita & Carl Ewing (Daughter & Son-in-law)Cloteel, Husband and children Jackson and Stella (Granddaughter & Husband, Great grandchildren)

Edward Wade Sr. & Jr. (Son and Grandson), Rev. E. T. Caviness, Rev. T. J. Caviness, Sr.

Jacki Caviness-Tucker, Theophilus James Caviness, Jr., Theophilus James Cavines, III

Denise Caviness, Stephana Caviness, Theana Caviness, Pearl Kidd. Photo by Louie Moore

On June 18, 2018, a pastor was Holy Spirit inspired to pen a sermon entitled, “A Life Time Invitation That One Should Never Refuse” with a Biblical Text of Matthew 11:28-30.

Then, a question was proposed to a family matriarch. “If there was anyone that you would like to have dinner with, who would it be?” The matriarch answered that she would like to have dinner with her pastor.

Some eight days later after the pastor’s Holy Spirit inspired sermon was penned, one of the matriarch’s daughters called the pastor and relayed the question and answer posed to her beloved mother and immediately the pastor’s giving spirit of “If I Can Help Somebody As I Pass Along” got the ball rolling. The pastor indicated that the beautiful matriarch would be invited to the July Fourth Family Dinner.

Furthermore, on July 1st, the sermon entitled, “A Life Time Invitation That One Should Never Refuse” was preached and delivered with much enthusiasm and received with folks shouting and standing on their feet, giving all praise to God Almighty!

Eight days later, after the pastor was made aware of the question posed to the matriarch, the pastor picks the matriarch up with great family reverence and fanfare. There would be eight family members attending along with the beloved matriarch.

In the Bible, the number eight signifies resurrection, regeneration and a new beginning. Isn’t it amazing how God works. “God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform” as per the hymn writer, William Cowper penned in 1773.

God inspires us to do as He would have us to do and when we engage to do His Will, a total regeneration of our spirit is experienced when we do His will, create joy in the lives of others, especially creating a memory and a moment for a precious matriarch, never to be forgotten.

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