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1 Corinthian

My fellow Americans, just as President Donald J. Trump did in the historic, history in the making meeting with The Honorable Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea, where he snatched the possible out of the impossible…conversations rather than devastations preventing nuclear war…at the present time… saving millions of human lives.

Now, in President Donald J. Trump’s next historic initiative, the proposed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the corrupt, rigged, sexist, racist system, had manipulated, propagated and maneuvered anti-Trump propaganda through Trump haters and its corrupt, rigged system into forming and shaping anti-Trump public opinion.

Presenting President Trump as being bought by President Vladimir Putin, portraying President Trump as an imbecile, weak and incompetent and tragically incapable of representing, or to respect fully dealing for the benefit of the American people against the superior genius of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This morbid, slanderous story is repeated unstintingly, over and over again through the bias, anti-Trump, double standard, one sided, prejudice media to convince the masses.

Which totally disregards our spiritually touched leader, President Trump’s faith, genius, intelligence and common sense, which undermines the Trump Presidency and the president’s capability of securing safety and protection for the American people.

All of this un-American propaganda, bigotry, bias and divisiveness and violation of our founding principles and the constitution leveled against President Trump is done under the cloak of law and order and the rule of law. No enemy could ever be more detrimental to our democracy, not to the safety, security and the protection of the American people, than our own un-American maltreatment of our president and the leader of the free world, President Donald J. Trump.

However, my fellow Americans, the corrupt, rigged system and the Trump haters, have totally under estimated the fearless, brave, courageous and bold fighter and winner, as is our President Donald J. Trump whose invincible spirit and indomitable courage with faith will not allow him to sit idly by while the corrupt system (the enemies) attacks American democracy.

President Trump’s faith, genius, wisdom and intelligence will empower him to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat.




“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Please keep in mind, my fellow Americans, we the people, that leading up to the historic meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Trump and we the people, have been experiencing and suffering the same most shameful, most disgraceful and the most disrespectful allegations and accusations in vicious condemnation of his propose meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Being called out…asked and then demanded to cancel the meeting, President Trump was accused of being in President Vladimir Putin’s pocket in a never seen before type of anti-Trump, scandal ridden campaign of purple propaganda leveled against President Trump.