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Urban League celebrates in Columbus

The National Urban League hosted it's annual National Convention in Columbus, a four day event honoring one of the nation’s largest civil rights organization, and the event delivered everything it promised bringing together some of the nation’s most influential community leaders, together with business leaders, celebrities and media for four days of dynamic dialogue, networking and entertainment.

The Columbus chapter of the Urban League, President, and CEO Stephanie Hightower served as hostess of the event.

“The goal of the National Urban League Conference is to empower Black people and people of color and prepare them for the new digital economy,” stated President Marc Morial.

Morial demonstrated his leadership by presiding over the conference they began the celebration of the 100th year anniversary.

Some of the highlights included an Opening Luncheon with Sheryl Sandberg, a National Urban League Young Professionals Business Meeting, Women of Power Luncheon, Express Live, Whitney M. Young, Jr. Awards Gala, a Power walk with Marc, Gospel Brunch, and a Family Community Day and more.

Call & Post interviewed one of FUBU’s co-founder Carl Brown and asked the question about what advice would he give to young black entrepreneurs who are trying to get into the game and do what you have done? He simply replied, “Well clothing or anything you have to put in the work, this is not an overnight success, it is not something that is going to happen by chance, there is no luck to this so you have to put in the work and be willing to fail and be willing to start over again and just be willing to know that it is going to take time and once you embrace that and figure out that is what it is going to take, it is going to take time and I can’t put a time date on it and I’m willing to go through what I have to do to get there, you will get there!”

Various Organizations and companies showed up, with exhibits and displays in unbelievable numbers, August 1-4, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Call and Post Newspaper staff members and volunteers were on-site to participate in the historical event where current Call and Post Newspapers, T-Shirts, wristbands, and other items were distributed and graciously received by the mass crowd of attendees.

Thursday Night Live was indeed epic Old School vs. New School a Night of Hip-Hop and R&B Dance Party with the beat-box sounds of Doug E. Fresh live and in person. The incomparable Fantasia Barrino-Taylor, third season winner of “American Idol” was phenomenal at the Gala on Friday, which had the atmosphere of a Hollywood awards show.

On Saturday, at the Community Family Day Call & Post interviewed Stephanie E. DeVane, who is Vice President of Entrepreneurship and Business Development for the National Urban League representing small businesses. One of the goals is to support small businesses in any way that they can. She spoke of how this past May in Washington at the Legislative Policy Conference that the Urban League provided opportunities for small businesses to come into Washington and meet with people on Capitol Hill, which is a part of their advocacy work. If there are issues that are important to small businesses legislatively that is important that they should be addressed, whether it is voter registration, they want to make sure that small businesses understand that just because you are a small business does not mean that you should not be advocating for laws and bills that concern your businesses. That is one of their focuses. Stephanie, also stated, “We also do a train the trainer on Whitney M. Young in October so that the directors of our centers can have the best tools that they need get the skills you need for your business.” Stephanie was elated to speak with the Call & Post and emphasized the longevity of how long the Call & post has been in existence and that it is important that the Urban League supports us as well as us being a vehicle to get their message across as well to support their small business work and all the Urban League offers.

Columbus proved that “is one of America’s hidden gems,” added Morial.


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