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Ply Gem, Habitat for Humanity gifts two homes

From left, City of Cleveland Commander Brandon Kutz, homeowners Annetta and Jacob Watts, Country Music Star Lauren Alaina, homeowners Yulonda and Nayira Amey, Ply Gem CEO and Chairman Gary E. Robinette, John Habat President and CEO of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity.

Two of five families are now homeowners through Ply Gem’s Home for Good Project, an initiative that has helped Cleveland address the pressing problem of affordable housing. Homeowners Yulonda and Nayira Amey and Annetta and Jacob Watts receive the welcome mat from Country Music Star Lauren Alaina, Ply Gem CEO and Chairman Gary E. Robinette, John Habat President and CEO of Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity.

CPly Gem, a leader in exterior building products, teamed up with Country Music Star Lauren Alaina and Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity to give five local families the keys to their dream of homeownership through the company’s Home for Good Project.

As part of the Home For Good project, an initiative that has helped hundreds of families across the U.S. achieve the dream of home ownership, homes located at 3416 E. 134th St., 3261 E. 130th St., 3295 E 130th St., 3291 E. 130th St. and 3283 E. 130th St. underwent a week-long transformation focused on exterior work with products donated by Ply Gem, culminating in today’s home dedication event in District 4.

Over the past five years, the city has seen more than 7,000 abandoned properties, resulting in a concerted effort to revitalize vacant homes vs. building new residences. This strategic and innovative approach helps keep costs down, allows for twice the number of families to be positively impacted, increases neighborhood value and helps create safer communities throughout the city.

“At Ply Gem, we are dedicated to addressing the affordable housing crisis that’s affecting hundreds of families across the U.S. through our Home for Good Project,” said Gary E. Robinette, Chairman and CEO. “With the help of Habitat for Humanity and Lauren Alaina, five Cleveland families can now experience the pride and joy of homeownership.”

The renovation of the five homes helps to address the lack of affordable housing in the greater Cleveland area. Currently, a family of four, earning 30% of the area medium income ($20,000-$52,000) spends more than 50% of monthly earnings on housing, leaving little income for basic needs, let alone funds to purchase a home. This makes up 68% of the community.

In addition to improving property value, affordable housing directly impacts crime rates in low-income neighborhoods. A study by The Sanford Business School found that the more subsidized housing available to the community, the lower the crime rates are—giving families like Yulonda and Nayira Amey, recognized during today’s dedication ceremony, a new home and a safer environment.

“The Cleveland Police Department is a proud supporter of Ply Gem and Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to improve our community through affordable housing” said Commander Brandon Kutz, City of Cleveland Police Department. “The safety of our residents is our top priority and we thank these two organizations for their continued efforts to build safe and affordable communities.”

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