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Once again the bell rang and standing in the corner of the conquering fighter was the King of the Ring and fight promoter extraordinaire The Iconic, “Only In America” Mr. Don King.

Upon our arrival and through the lens of this reporter, receiving an overwhelming welcome into the City of Phoenix by excited Arizonans clutching their cell phone cameras and exclaiming Oh My God, Mr. Don King, and his entourage would soon join Mr. Roberto Vargas, president of Iron Boy productions at ringside to witness world boxing at its best.

BJ Flores displayed heart, grit and determination as he fought Trevor Bryan to the finish in an arena filled with boxing fans.

In a fight which saw BJ Flores hit the canvas no less than Seven times before the fourth round, it was clear that Trevor Bryan, the fighter promoted by Mr. Don King, had indeed become the Interim World Heavyweight Champion. Now the champion, Trevor Bryan flanked by his family including a beaming proud mother, proved the power of patience, persistence and adherence to the plans and processes as perpetuated and prognosticated by the King, Mr. Don King. Other young and sincere boxers would do well to learn from the example set and now evident in the ring as Trevor Bryan wins against great odds.

Once again, Mr. Don King, the fight promoter and boxing brilliance had not only promised, but produced and introduced to the world another champion. Not only did this win in the ring prove that Mr. King’s productions and promises are fulfilled but that he has the ability to partner with others for a common good and goal. We congratulate the King, Mr. Don King for yet another win not only in the ring, but for providing powerful lessons to all of us about the power of persistence and the ability to not only work with but to also win with others.

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