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Open Letter to President Trump

Unfortunately, Mr. President, you are experiencing the plight of the left-outs: the white woman, and the African Americans/People of color in our beloved country of America… Where the presumption of guilty until proven innocent prevails… Rather than the presumption of innocent until proven guilty.

For the left-outs: the white woman, the unwritten law of guilty until proven innocent is based upon custom and tradition. Likewise, to the African American/People of color to a more extreme degree by adding color. Guilty… In spite of being proven innocent… Also predicated (based) upon custom and tradition under guise of law and order.

America is the greatest country in the world in spite of its many inequities. You, Mr. President Donald J. Trump, is the best thing (your being touched by the spirit of the Lord) that has happen to America in over centuries… Why?

Because you are fighting against a powerful, remarkable, ingeniously put together corrupt, rigged system of control on the behalf of we the people, in order to make America great again. And the Lord has suffered you to share in the plight of the left-outs: the white woman and the African Americans/People of color… Not by appeal, someone telling you about the plight of being left-out “no matter what you say or what do for the good of country is met with contempt, doubt, distrust, disdain and dishonor.” But by direct distinct experience living in the dream… but sharing in the NIGHTMARE.

God knows, we the people, need a spiritually touched fighter like you to make America great again. I humbly pray to the almighty that we the Left-outs: the white woman… and the African American/People of color… realize, recognize, and appreciate, why the Lord spirit touched you to lead us and put aside all of our petti differences and come to grips with the fact that we the people, must organize, unite as one America and stand together with you President Donald J. Trump, in order to make our great Nation great again… Before it’s too late.


Don King

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