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Mike Dewine is Ohio  candidate for governor

It should be noted that this article is not an endorsement. It is however, the intent of this writer to introduce Mr. Mike Dewine as we will his opponent in the days ahead. Mr. Dewine is seeking to become the Chief Executive Officer for the State of Ohio, our next Governor. Information contained in this article derive from reports and remarks already made public by Mr. Dewine and or his staff and not the opinion of this writer. Upon speaking to Mike and following his career, I can report that it has been one of service and worthy of applaud…

It has been reported that Mr. Dewine is a family man who has devoted his life fighting for Ohio’s families. Further reports about the candidate suggests that Mr. Dewine is a family man who believes that when families are strong, our communities are strong and when the community is strong the future is brighter. It has also been reported that Mr. Dewine is an advocate of educational opportunities for our children; healthy lives free of drugs and necessary actions to retain jobs in Ohio. Several reports suggest that Mr. Dewine believes that curbing excessive taxation will create a more inviting business environment. As Attorney General for the State of Ohio, Mr. Dewine has reportedly targeted what he has determined to be our State’s largest barriers, such as drugs, crime and children growing up in fragmented homes. From observing the political process, this writer believes that there are areas where Mr. Dewine should be challenged and we will do so in the days to come as we learn more about Mr. Dewine and his plans for all of the citizens of the great State of Ohio.

We look forward to receiving and corresponding even more information about this and other races and candidates for public office.

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