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Hemp Manufacturing Comes to Cleveland

On September 14, 2018, The Cleveland Clergy Coalition has once again reached out beyond the walls of the Church with their support of Cleveland and it growing communities. This time, joined by the SCLC Cleveland Chapter and its partners along with its President, the Rev. Dr. E.T Caviness, North Coast Solutions LLC were welcomed as new neighbors to the Glenville community. Hosting the meeting was Pastor Aaron Phillips, President of the Cleveland Clergy Coalition.

The Cleveland Clergy Coalition and the SCLC Cleveland Chapter and it's partners sponsored this appropriately named “Transfer of Deed” ceremony welcoming and acknowledging the purchase of a 200 thousand square foot manufacturing building to be occupied by North Coast Solutions LLC., with entry level positions starting at $17.00 per hour. North Coast is offering paid training for 90 days prior to actual starting periods. The building purchased is located in the Glenville neighborhood at 12735 Kirby Avenue in Cleveland.

One of the ‘sons of Cleveland,’ Mr. Ty Williams has returned to his homeland as one of the three managing partners of North Coast Solutions LLC. Mr. Ty Williams comes with more than a remembrance of the past, he returns with a positive perspective for the future. He is indeed one the instruments that will open North Coast Solutions in a community desperately in need of progress and prosperity. Joining Mr. Williams was Cuyahoga County Executive, Mr. Armond Budish who in his own rights has been a key element in job creation throughout Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. This event and the future of Cleveland in respect to industry is inline with the work being accomplished by Mr. Armond Budish as our County Executive. City Councilman of Ward 8, Mr. Mike Polensek was also present and credited with being more than supportive of the planned endeavors for the Glenville area and Cleveland in general. Also present was Councilman Kevin Conwell and City Council President Kevin Kelly along with a great number of preachers and pastors working hard to positively impact the community

Because Hemp products are a byproduct of marijuana, we agree with Dr. Jenny Wilkins that “a lack of education is one of the biggest issues plaguing the hemp industry today.” She further stated that there are still various stigmas and negative stereotypes surrounding hemp.” She further stated that the mission of the Glenville facility is to rise above damaging perceptions.”

Therefore, in the City of Cleveland will arise a developing industry that will undoubtedly make Cleveland the center for the development of hemp products. Personally speaking. I remain proud of Mr. Williams and the work he has done and will continue to do. Mr. Williams’s father owned the Lee Harvard Beverage Store in the Lee Harvard Shipping Center. He would also be proud of his son. It is a wonderful things to support those who return not in criticism but in constructive efforts giving back to the community.

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